NL20 AKs

Zsolti07Zsolti07 Red Chipper Posts: 115 ✭✭
CO (220 hands): 23/19/8
SB (40 hands): 35/25/8,3

PREFLOP Maybe cold 4bet/fold (to 5,5€) would have been better.

FLOP The 70% cbet came right away and I was confused. I couldn't call 70%. I thought hard about shove allin but I was uncertain and I had Time out.

If I had shove, the potodds would have been 43,12% and I had 42,12% equity against KK+.


Hand Information
Holdem NL 0.10/0.20, 0.2 BB (6 handed).
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Table Information
Seat: 1 xiaobei1023 ($11.6)
Seat: 3 monkeyboy1991 ($21.66)
Seat: 5 cerys86 ($20.53) Dealer
Seat: 6 FIMPEN21w ($27.1) Small Blind
Seat: 8 HERO ($20.96) Big Blind
Seat: 10 designblank27 ($18.07)
Dealt to HERO
KS.png AS.png 

Preflop (Pot:0.3)
designblank27    CALL $0.2
xiaobei1023    CALL $0.2
monkeyboy1991    RAISE $0.8
cerys86    FOLD
FIMPEN21w    RAISE $2.4
HERO    CALL $2.2
designblank27    FOLD
xiaobei1023    FOLD
monkeyboy1991    FOLD

Flop(Pot: $6.1)
5S.png 8S.png JD.png 

FIMPEN21w    BET $4.2


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