NL20 Three of a kind

Zsolti07Zsolti07 Red Chipper Posts: 115 ✭✭
BB (110 hands): 31/7/0 - Postflop agg faktor: 0,8 - Donkbet: 0 (before that hand)

What could that be? On the flop I thought Villain has a Jack. And as Villain is a weak player, I don't know...

Thank you,

Hand Information
Holdem NL 0.10/0.20, 0.2 BB (4 handed).
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Table Information
Seat: 1 dukelast53 ($19.8) Small Blind
Seat: 6 xxxjimwxxx ($34.09) Big Blind
Seat: 8 HERO ($25.04)
Seat: 10 JesusGambling ($22.34) Dealer
Dealt to HERO
KS.png JS.png 

Preflop (Pot:0.3)
HERO    RAISE $0.8
JesusGambling    FOLD
dukelast53    CALL $0.7
xxxjimwxxx    CALL $0.6

Flop(Pot: $2.4)
JC.png 8C.png JH.png 

dukelast53    CHECK
xxxjimwxxx    BET $2.4
HERO    CALL $2.4
dukelast53    FOLD

Turn(Pot: $7.2)
JC.png 8C.png JH.png 9C.png 

xxxjimwxxx    BET $30.89


  • PapaGiorgioPapaGiorgio Red Chipper Posts: 96 ✭✭
    If you read him as a weak player, then this could be J9/99. There's really no reason to bet that big on the turn.

    That being said, I think thinking players can have a sizeable range. Flop is unlikely to hit you given that 2 jacks are on the board, so he could be leading with Flush draw, straight draw, or some combo draw like JT/98/etc. I would probably still fold to the turn bet vs a better player because even if I have the best hand, I assume he has some equity on the turn. For example, He could be shoving with J9 - he currently has trips and the redraw to OESD. All you can really do is chalk this up to a horrible turn card and wait for a better situation to get your money in. Yes, he might be doing this was something like AcTx, but I find most of the weaker players are shoving here with atleast the full house.

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