What to do against players who never raises?

YliKurkiYliKurki Red Chipper Posts: 12 ✭✭
Playing 0.02€/0.05€ 6max online and villain is unknown.
Action gets folded to SB (7.38€) who calls the remaining 0.03€.
Hero(5.00€) is in BB with :9d:Td and he raises to 0.20€
SB calls

Flop :7c:Kh:Kc
SB checks
Hero c-bets to 0.20€
SB calls

Turn :Th
check check

River :2s
SB checks
Hero bets 0.15€ to get ace high flush draws to call.
SB calls and shows pocket :Ad:As .

I think my flop c-bet wasn't so great, but what about the river thin value bet? Also how do I adjust my strategy against opponents who won't raise even aces?


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