What to do with irregular pot size on the turn

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I’ve often been in situations where the remaining effective stack size is roughly 1.25x to 1.5x the pot. Typically this occurs against short-mid stack players or in loose live games where I’ve settled on a 10BB opening raise size (1/2 live is a circus).

If we choose to bet these turns with should we be choosing to half-pot the turn in order to maintain some semblance of a “normal” sized river bet? Or should we simply be shoving the turn since even a half-pot effectively commits us to the pot with any decent draw? (if we bet 25BBs into a 50BB pot and villain shoves for 75BBs, we are getting 3:1 on a call).


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    The general answer to such a general question is probably "different parts of your range prefer different bet sizes".

    So if you're getting into this spot a lot, and wish to maintain your spectacular open-raise sizing, I'd suggest you think about range construction in the context of incorporating turn overbet jams and check-jams.

    You might also play with different flop sizings to see if you can arrive at more comfortable/conventional chunking.
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