Invitation: Double Elimination Heads-Up NLH Tournament (Mon Sep 21 and Mon Sep 28)

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Our Red Chip study group is inviting all members of the Red Chip Forum (this includes you!) to participate in a 16-player Double Elimination Heads Up tournament starting Monday Sep 21, and concluding Monday Sep 28. There is no cost to play, so there is no prize, but bragging rights for the champion will be premium because you will be competing against players from this forum including our study group.

"Double Elimination" means all players will play until they either have 2 losses or win the tournament, so at least 2 matches are guaranteed.

Each match will have the following structure (which we designed and play-tested so that 90% of the matches should conclude in 30 minutes or less.) Each Player will start with 3000 Tournament Chips. Blinds increase every 3 minutes. The Blind Structure will be:


The overall tournament structure is available here:

To register, either reply to this thread, OR PM me. Make sure you will be able to play for the given tournament times! I will keep the running list of registrants (and/or alternates) on this thread.

The tournament start time is Monday Sep 21, 9:00 PM Eastern Time / 6:00 PM Pacific Time. 15 minutes prior to the tournament, I will start a zoom call, and draw registrant names randomly for seeding. Any player who hasn't shown up 5 minutes after the start time may be replaced by an alternate. If there is no player 15 minutes after the start time for a match, the match will be declared a forfeit. The plan is to play Rounds 1-4 on Monday Sep 21, and Rounds 5-8 on Monday Sep 28. However, if players at the end of Round 4 want to continue on the same night, we will continue as long as both players for each remaining match are able to play.

If there are any changes to the match or tournament structure, we will update this thread.



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