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Dear forum,
I just played this hand, which unfortunately cost me the tourney (the WCOOP-L, I made it in the money but only for min cash...) . I do not think I made a mistake but would like to get your expert opinion.

Hero (35bb) in LJ/MP
Villain 1 (120bb, LAG with 33/30, 15% 3b, 83% cbet) in BB
Villain 2 (60bb, 20/16) in UTG

Hero has :Ac:Jc
V2 opens for 2bb, H and V1 call

FLOP (7.5bb pot) is :3s:3d:Jh
V2 checks, H bets 3.75 (50% pot), V1 calls, V2 folds

TURN (15bb pot) is :2h
At this stage H is already pretty much pot committed...
V2 checks, H bets 10bb (66% pot), V2 calls

RIVER (35bb pot) is :8d
V2 bets 19bb to put H all-in. H calls.

Villain shows :Ad:3h and takes the pot with the set.

I put V on a Jx since it would represent the largest majority most combos (J9+), possibly on a busted gutshot with A5 or A4 or a busted flush draw with hearts (I dont block any hearts). A3 did cross my mind but he has only 6 combos out of 18...

My alarm bells should have gone off when he donk bet the river but since he is an aggressive player with a big stack I thought he has some bluffs in his range (although i realise now that there is almost no bluff other than TT or 99).

Should have I seen the trips coming? Still learning here...

Many thanks,
Lord Truffington


  • TheGameKatTheGameKat Posts: 4,433 -
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    Couple of points. On the turn I'm not sure what you mean by pot committed. With TPTK I doubt you're folding on this board, but that's not quite the same thing.

    Unless you're psychic, there's no way to see the trips coming.

    In LJ I don't like flatting pre with that hand, although it's defensible. Small 3-bet or a fold (given the open comes from UTG) might be better. The flat with at least one LAG behind is asking to get squeezed.

    Your bet sizing is too large IMO.
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  • Lord_TruffingtonLord_Truffington Red Chipper Posts: 16 ✭✭
    So many good points there, thank you!

    Definitely it was a 3b spot, and a fold if I got 4bet... I was just playing very conservatively, we had just passed the bubble, I had a decent stack in the top 30%, in a big event, I just wanted to play safe (ok, it's just lack of experience...).

    I said "pot committed" because at the turn I had 35bb left and the pot was 15bb, so any bet would have left me with a stack quite low that I almost "had" to shove on the river. Does it make sense?
  • TheGameKatTheGameKat Posts: 4,433 -
    I guess by pot committed I think of a sub-stack pot where I'm getting the right calling odds, but it's a minor semantic point. However, it does bring up how to look at this hand.

    On the 3-way flop you have a SPR of about 4.5. So you should be asking yourself at this point if you can reasonably expect to play for stacks and win. It's actually kind of close, I think. 3 streets with top pair requires your opponents to be overly sticky.

    Also, by making such large bets, you tend to contort your opponents range to stronger hands.

    Finally, flatting pre is not the way to play it safe. There's nothing safe about inviting multiway action at 35bb with a hand that is easily dominated. If your hand feels playable, don't automatically assume the best/safest thing to do with it is call.
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