Bloated pot with AAds

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7 handed PLO hand in a 1/2 rotation game $893 effective.
This hand is played online in a private club but with a bunch of guys that normally only play live and who frequent the same local home games pre-COVID.
The villain is an aggressive thinking player who will put you to the test often, particularly if your range looks capped.
Most of my playing time with him is at 5/5 NLH but this particular game is a 1/2 rotation game.
I don't have a lot of PLO playing time but I am studying and working on my game.

Hero is in the SB
Villain with $893 stack raises to 7 UTG
Next 3 players call 7
Button folds
Hero raise SB to $44 with :As :9s :Ad :7D:
Villain calls and the others all fold.

$111 in the pot, heads up to a flop of :4h :Jd :2S:
Hero bets $65 and villain calls

$241 in the pot, turn is :4c for a board of :4h :Jd :2S: :4c
Hero bets $80
Villain raises to 325
Hero calls

$891 in the pot, river is :7h for a final board of :4h :Jd :2S: :4c :7h
Hero checks
Villain goes all in for $466

It is $466 to win $1357 what do we do?

Should we have bet the flop and/or the turn?
Should we call the turn raise?
If we are calling the turn should we just be shipping the turn or do we want to keep the villains bluffs in?
If we get to the river as played do we call or fold?


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    OOP I'm probably not 3-betting preflop even with good aces at that depth. If V holds a single J blocker they're likely taking this away from you at some point. Flop c-bet is natural, but I don't think I'm leading turn and as played you can likely bet-fold. You may have the best hand, but OOP to a thinking player it's going to take your stack to find out unless you take a more passive line.
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