My new life

caroriquelmecaroriquelme Red Chipper Posts: 14 ✭✭
Hi! I'm Caro, I'm 27 years old. I'm here because I want to do a challenge just because I need to do new things in my poker study to improve. I've been study for a while, but I don't have the discipline to change my life in the way that I want. So I think this is a good way to do it.
I will post here my progress in the game, my mindset, my goals
So, I will start with $50 in level 0.25 spin and go. I don't have a money goal, because I just want to move up. My biggest goal now is tho be able to play level $5 by the end of this year.
I don't think I will write here everyday, but I will do it at least once per week
So, I just need to start RIGHT NOW

Lets do it!

*Sorry if there are some errors in my writing


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