MTT: TT in 3-bet pot - good or bad logic?

neilv93neilv93 Red Chipper Posts: 68 ✭✭
Hi guys, lurked a long-time since last posting but hoping for some help on this MTT hand.

New table, minimal info:
Villain (BB) - 113bb stack
Me (LJ) - 94bb stack

UTG min-raises 2x, I call in MP with :Th:Tc - a hand never usually in my 3-bet range.
Folds to Villain in BB and he makes it 6x, UTG calls and so do I.

20bb pot including antes. Flop:
Villain C-bets 11bb, UTG folds and I call. No other play here IMO, I think Villain does this with 90%+ of his range.

42bb pot. Turn:
:6s:3s:2d - :9h
Villain continues for 25bb. I call - again, not sure there's any value in raising and I'm not folding.

92bb pot. River:
:6s:3s:2d - :9h - :8s
Villain checks and I shove my remaining 52bb. Villain tanks for two minutes and calls with :Js:Jh

Here's my thinking: small 3-bet pre-flop so could be quite wide but given it was over an UTG raise and call, I put Villain on TT+, AQ+. I think the C-bet is standard but the turn bet is slightly more worrying. Would he double-barrel AK/AQo without a spade? What about with the :As? Maybe... so I narrow his range to JJ+ (I block TT and they probably check back turn) and then the river checks makes me think he has his face up as JJ/QQ, hence my shove. It's a great call.

My question is did I play it fine to rep big on the river to fold JJ/QQ? I can have 66-JJ in my range. Plus maybe :As:Ks, :As:Qs, :As:Ts, all of which beats his hand. I guess I'd have raised flop or turn with 66/99 and he knows that. I feel like not much else I can do here to get JJ to fold and maybe Villain would've folded if he didn't hold :Js

Thoughts appreciated on my ranging, line and shove :)


  • TheGameKatTheGameKat Las VegasPosts: 4,877 -
    I think the inconsistency is that if you're convinced V has a bigger overpair, you should likely fold turn.
    As played, I dunno, you've obviously given V a tough call with the hand he has, but equally this is a tournament. It would depend somewhat on the buy-in and implied quality of the opposition, but in smaller ones in particular I'm not that keen to risk my tournament life in the hope a typically sticky player will fold.
    The other question here is: would V have expected you to raise flop with a FD?
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  • Dermott32Dermott32 Red Chipper Posts: 8 ✭✭
    At this stack depth I would like to light 4 bet my TT & JJ to around say 12-16bbs for two reasons:-
    1, Get info on my opponents hand if he 5 bets he's probably got AA or KK and it's an easy fold . He flat calls hes more likely got JJ-QQ, AK,AQs depending on player type etc
    2, You represent a strong hand preflop he may fold to your 4 bet here and if you go to the flop your range looks more like QQ-AA ,AKs

    And/or ..Post flop on this board after villains 1/2 pot bet on the flop a min raise bet to 22bb to slow villain down on the turn might save you some chips and set you up better for a better river shove.
    (Extra 11bbs on the flop may save you calling that 25bb turn bet as he's more likely to check turn after calling a raise)
    If he bets turn after your raise fold.

    Thats the way I would most likely have played this spot.
  • MnpokerMnpoker Red Chipper Posts: 180 ✭✭
    What was the buy in?

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