Global Poker Bounty Series 1 Won!

St00EEeSt00EEe Lincoln, NERed Chipper Posts: 20 ✭✭
Well, I lasted out of a field of 128 players and won the first tournament of the Bounty Series Global Poker has been promoting on Cardplayer Magazine. I have always loved playing tournaments, as it was when I joined University Poker Tour in Clarksville, TN that I sat down for the first time to play one and fell in love with the whole structure and playing until only one is left standing.

The GP tournament wasn't all for nothing. Global Poker gives every winner on each of the 33 events a hat, pin, and a trophy. First trophy that I have ever one, so that is awesome.

I had actually just finished doing the hand ranges course on CORE before the tournament and I attribute my win mainly to that. I didn't use my normal hand selection and I wasn't just focusing on my hand strength. It's not like I played ATC, but I mostly stuck to the bulletproof hand ranges provided by Redchip and at the final table when it got down to 6 players, I started to become a force to be reckoned with. I'm stoked.

I have entered a few more tournaments in the Bounty Series and plan on playing in the main event. I will keep the thread updated. j6yqzrkdrntn.png


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