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Revenant1Revenant1 Red Chipper Posts: 7 ✭✭
This is not so much a challenge post, but more a place to keep a monthly accountability tracker. My background is I've been a losing player for about a decade online. Depositing $100 at a time and playing 5NL for a few months after work until eventually losing it and making another deposit. Very much playing from a recreational standpoint. I'd occasionally read a few articles on 2+2 and watch a few youtube videos. In the beginning of September, I signed up for Core and started learning poker with the intent of becoming a winning player. My goal I'm sure will change over time, but right now my goals are; Start with $100, Study for a minimum of 30 minutes a day, play 5,000 hands per month, post 1 hand for review a week, move up from 5NL and become a winning player at 10NL, I'll take shots at 20bb up to 3 buy-ins.

I don't have any time frame constraints. Right now I play for about an hour to two hours per night between 2 to 4 tables. Treating this as a hobby to earn a little extra money. I plan on updating this thread once a month.

Here is September's progress.



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    Good luck!
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  • Revenant1Revenant1 Red Chipper Posts: 7 ✭✭
    Meant to update this every month, but things have been busy. Played almost 7k hands in September and just over 7k in the last two months. I Had some early success and then I started getting crushed. Luckily it's motivated me to study more and work on a few leaks. Located a few issues and now I'm excited for December and hopefully, I'll get to play a little more around the holidays. Here's my graph so far through November.


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    go get the coin!
  • Revenant1Revenant1 Red Chipper Posts: 7 ✭✭
    December was a much better month. Had some time off and was able to play 19k hands and had my most profitable month so far. Really stuck to going over the core ranges and the lessons from core foundations. I feel really solid preflop and have started making it a point to study post-flop textures and bet sizing. Granted life will get busy again here in January and hopefully, I can continue to commit to studying 1 hour a day and playing 1 to 2 hours. Overall since starting core in October I've played 33k hands and sitting at .81/100 BB. Not exactly impressive, but a small win rate is better than a negative one. Hopefully, my play is moving in the right direction and I'd like to start taking shots at 10NL in the next couple of months.


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    So what was your November leak? Calling too many opens? RFI with too many hands?
  • Revenant1Revenant1 Red Chipper Posts: 7 ✭✭
    Flat calling 3-bets OOP and C-betting too frequently and for too large. I adjusted my RFI a little bit with the new core range charts, but I really just focused on the 3-bet and 4-bet charts. I also read through the core foundations post-flop lesson at least a dozen times to get a better c-bet strategy.

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