Poker Progress and Accountability

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This is not so much a challenge post, but more a place to keep a monthly accountability tracker. My background is I've been a losing player for about a decade online. Depositing $100 at a time and playing 5NL for a few months after work until eventually losing it and making another deposit. Very much playing from a recreational standpoint. I'd occasionally read a few articles on 2+2 and watch a few youtube videos. In the beginning of September, I signed up for Core and started learning poker with the intent of becoming a winning player. My goal I'm sure will change over time, but right now my goals are; Start with $100, Study for a minimum of 30 minutes a day, play 5,000 hands per month, post 1 hand for review a week, move up from 5NL and become a winning player at 10NL, I'll take shots at 20bb up to 3 buy-ins.

I don't have any time frame constraints. Right now I play for about an hour to two hours per night between 2 to 4 tables. Treating this as a hobby to earn a little extra money. I plan on updating this thread once a month.

Here is September's progress.



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