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Apologies in advance if there is already a thread about this playlist but I could not find one...

@w34z3l I have a couple of questions for clarification on this playlist. In the videos you state that this is the largest database that of hands histories around.

1. Are these hand histories a combination of hands from various players or are these just hands that you have played from over the years?
2. Are all these hands from one network/site?
3. I didn't get the impression that we were supposed to run our own analysis, so are these concepts that you are talking about in the series generalizations that you are making based on the data that you have?


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    I think I know 2 answers here:

    1. w34z3l's player pool analysis aliases/merges all players to maximize the database. So it combines a huge number of players. That's sort of the point.

    2. Don't recall, but they do cross multiple stakes, which probably produces greater variation than site to site.

    3. There are actually two database series. I think the one you're talking about uses is the overall population data (player pool series). There's a second series that shows how we can analyze our own database for leakfinding.

    The first of the self-analysis videos is:
    Moderation In Moderation

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