Two Questions (one HUD-related, one strategy related)

Jason LawrenceJason Lawrence Red Chipper Posts: 17 ✭✭
If anyone can provide insightful answers to these two questions, I'd greatly appreciate it.

First, I'm playing Blitz on ACR, where player names are known. Does your HH capture the entire details of hands even after you fold and move to a new table, so that a HUD would be able to build reliable stat lines on players? If so, can someone point me to a thread or video or podcast or whatnot here that discusses which HUD is the best for someone working their way through Core?

Second, I've noticed a trend of 4-bet shoves being more common. I'm not sure how to construct a calling range against it. My initial thought is that I call with hands I'd 5-bet a 4-bet with and fold hands that I'd flat a 4B with, but I know that this play is instantly profitable if I overfold. Stack depths are going to matter a ton too, as the deeper both players are, minimum defense frequency should decline. I suppose I should pick a few hands, figure out what my range was (I'm more or less following the 6-max GTO charts recently published here), look at the betting action and stack sizes, and figure out what my MDF is in each spot. There's also a meta-game here, where it's unknown if players are forking ranges and 4-B jamming with some part and regular 4-B with others, or 4-B jamming wide with blocker(s) figuring they're going to get overfolds in the long run.

If there's any thread or video that looks at this, or if anyone has observed the same trend and has thoughts they'd like to share on how they're reacting to 4-B jams, I'd be curious to read those.


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