KK feedback vs regular 1/2 NL live

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2 - 100 spread at local casino. $400 effective.

main vil is a thinking younger 20s player who always seems to be playing cards. I give him credit for being at least a small winning player but i have not nailed down his reads of my play or how he is adapting to me (if at all - several sessions of playing together). I play fairly tight but Vil has seen me raise many times preflop and often C bet. I have 3 bet multiple times in this 3 hours prior and won several pots preflop. 3 bet pots are fairly rare at this table. Max bets ($100 ) are fairly rare.

I have had the good but hands have not gone to showdown. I suspect my image is deteriorating at the table.

Does my line with KK make sense given it being a bluff catcher? Or vs a good regular am I putting myself in a hard spot? Am I inducing enough bluffs to catch this with KK even though I am not given great odds with a thinking Vil?
How much evidence do I need of him adjusting to my play before I take a counter strategy / adapt my play and bluff catch this river?

6 handed due to COVID. $400 eff (200 bigs deep)

weak tight vil limp. Thinking YG raise to 10, 1 fold. Hero SB KcKh 3 bet to $36, limper fold. BB fold. YG call.
Pot $78.
Flop Ad Qd 5c (2 flush)
Hero checks. Vil leads $20.
= unusual bet from Vil. Maybe he was confused I didnt C bet? If it was from a rec player i would take small bet as probe bet and easy raise for fold equity. Since it was from thinking player.... Hero calls

Pot $118

Turn: 4s
Hero check. Vil check.

Pot: $118
River: 2c
Hero check. Vil Max bet $100.
= Hero tanks. Thoughts?


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    Homework for the hand:
    There are very few hands I would play this way. By 3 betting preflop and not following through on flop or turn means I have very few pairs in my hand. My range is basically

    KK, JJ, TT, 99, KQ for playing this way (check/ call flop and check turn) (24 combos) with maybe some A5s for bluffs but i would expect to bluff those at least once. If vil has been paying any attention at all he would know a river bluff *should* work at least most of the time given my line. But why the large river size? To make me suspicious and want to call with my middle ish pairs or A high? To make the call I need to be good approx 33% of the time. 218:100 for pot odds. (little worse once rake is taken out but close enough)

    Vils range here: Feels pretty empty also. Weak flop bet and then flop checks through. Contains some missed Diamond draws. small and middle pairs. some Qx (such as KQ). I havent played enough hours to know how many suited connectors are in his 3 bet calling range that also raises a limper. Being deeper I would suspect its 78ss+, How much of this range is giving up on river vs bluffing? (I dont know either). This range is very air heavy.

    Only really strong hands are 44 (turned set 3 combos) 22 (rivered set 3 combos) A3cc, A3hh, A3ss (rivered straight 3 combos). AQ (unlucky expect to bet earlier in hand 9 combos) (no 55 due to flush draw where i would expect him to charge draws)
    Strong: 15 combos
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    My immediate thought before reading your homework is that A3s is a very reasonable holding here for the player type you describe taking that line. Now obviously if we go around putting opponents on precise hands we're likely doing something wrong, but with those combos in the range plus other hands we lose to, I would fold here.
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  • ShamanShaman Red Chipper Posts: 38 ✭✭
    Thank you for the comment. I struggle with these big river decisions and need to put a better framework for making a hard decision. Of course having a plan of how the hand should go helps, and once the flop my plan of pot controlling and seeing a showdown was thrown by this river bet.

    A3s is a very reasonable holding for villain in this hand. I agree. i need to do some more homework with this hand.

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