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I am pretty new but have done a lot of studying. Much of CORE is therefore "review." But I have learned so much from going through this material again with the assistance of RCP. Almost every lesson I pick up a nuance or a fresh way of looking at the familiar. This study is already helping my game. I am posting the hand below, as an example of the benefits of working my way through CORE. A little hand reading, a little pot odds math (and a backdoor flush draw) go a long way....

Online Cash - .02/.05 5NL FR

SB: 103.4 bb
BB: 100 bb
Hero (UTG): 130.2 bb QhQd
UTG+1: 146.8 bb
Villain (MP): 63.4 bb
MP+1: 96.2 bb
MP+2: 38.8 bb
CO: 69.4 bb
BTN: 97.4 bb

Pre-Flop (1.4 bb):
Hero open raises to 3.4 bb, UTG+1 calls 3.4 bb, Villain (MP) calls 3.4 bb, fold, fold, fold, BTN calls 3.4 bb, fold, BB calls 2.4 bb

Flop (17.4 bb, 5 players): 2h 3s 3h
BB checks, Hero bets 10.4 bb, fold, Villain (MP) raises to 38.4 bb, fold, fold, Hero calls 28 bb (V is a maniac (58/47/16; VPIP/PFR/3Bet). How many treys or deuces can V have here? Even if V did hold A2s (3), A3s (2), 22 (3), or 33 (1) (9 combos total), does an over pair with a backdoor flush draw call anyway? Needs 30%, has 34%)

Turn (94.2 BB, 2 players): 3c
Hero bets 22 bb, Villain (MP) calls 21.6 bb and is all-in

River (137.4 BB, 2 players): 4s

Hero shows Qh Qd (Full House, Threes full of Queens)
Villain (MP) shows 4cAh
(Full House, Threes full of Fours)

Hero wins 130.6 bb


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