NL2 99 in squeezed pot

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Here is a hand I played in NL2 FastForward on PartyPoker,there are no huds on Party and I have no notes on this player so far,judging by him beeing full stacked I assume that he is your avarege NL2 tight passive player.

First I want to say that I played this hand ''automatic'' since 99 would be a standart call vs BB 3bet for me, but since this was Squuezed pot I feel like it changes the dynamic of the pot quite a bit.(creating SPR of 2.5 instead of closer to 5 in normal 3bet pot).So everything I write further is my analysis during session review and not my game time tought.

Since players 3bet and squeez quite tight in NL2 from my expierience I put this squeez on a range of 99+,ATs+,KJs+,QJs,AQo+. And this is where my first question raises.
Is 99 even a call here or could it be an explotative fold vs playerpools tendencie of 3beting/sqeezing too tight?Im leaning more towards folding(will explain why when flop comes).

We hit a nice flop for our 99 as no overcard comes,(one of the nicest flops for our hand right?).After villain checks the flop I feel like he is quite weak becouse I assume he would bet the flop with his TT+ ,not willing to let us draw for free on this wet flop.This is where I put him on overcards.Not willing to let him draw for free I make a small protection bet but quite surprisingly for me get jammed on(maybe you guys seen it comming from a mile away :D).

This is where a bit of contradiction in my knowledge starts.In core pots with 2.5spr are marked as auto stack off with top pair.I need 36% equity to call here.If we assume he does this with
TT+ and every club draw he has ATc+,KJc+,QJc we only get 25% even if we add the diamond combos for backdoor flush draws we still only have 29% equity.So do I always just check back fearing my hand is too voulnerable to protection bet given the small SPR(Is that even a thing?)
Or am I just happy he showed me he was super strong and let me get away from my hand for cheap?And if I can't confidently stack off with my top pair on this flop maybe 99 is just too weak to call vs a squeez sizing?


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    Your problem is that if your opponent is any good they make this play with both made hands and flush draws.

    As to the auto stack-off question, I think it's important to recognize that this is a sort of extreme situation. Yes you have an overpair, but in a 3-bet pot your opponent is marked with all the higher overpairs. Contrast this with a situation in which you have AK here and the flop comes the generic K72 rbw. You'd have no problem stacking off now with TPTK.
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