spot more than hand.

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This is a straight foward hand, I know its a cooler, im not asking "can i get away". Ive really been trying to work on my 4 bet strategy, though i really seem to have this problem alot with QQ. most players 4 bet continue range seems to always put QQ in a bad spot. Should I still play QQ this aggro as i move up? or is it better not to 4 bet at this level? Any tips will help
Pokerstars 10nl.
i have 1k hands on villian his stats, Vpip 17 Pfr 13 3bet 6, aggr 2.
he is a straight foward reg type at this level, basically he has hardly any bluffing range in most spots.
Hero $21.27. Vill $11.96.
Hero utg QQ open to 30c, vill utg2 3 bets to $1. folds to hero, Hero 4 bets to $2.20
vill calls.
flop :3h:5d:5c .
Hero bets $1.44, vill calls. pot $7.43
turn :7h
Hero bets $2.34, vill calls. pot $12.11
river :4s
Hero jams for $5.98 vill calls . shows AA and wins $24.07.

I seem to be constantly value owning myself with QQ. At this level most players range in 4 bet pots is way tight. So should i stick it out? or leave the QQ 4 bets till a higher level?


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    Hotsteppa wrote: »
    i have 1k hands on villian his stats, Vpip 17 Pfr 13 3bet 6, aggr 2.s

    This guy is super tight; 4betting is only going to get you in troubles. Yes, he has 6% 3bet, but this could be overestimated based on re-steal freq.
    Moreover, he is 3betting UTG open (=tight), so he will / should have a tighter 3bet range as well.

    When you 4bet QQ, you either expect him to continue with (enough) worst hands (call with JJ? TT? AJs? AQo?) or to fold better hands (fold AK? KK?). Both are hard to expect in this set-up IMHO; QQ is a bluff catcher.

    Note that he seems to be rather aggro; so the best strategy might be to NOT have a 4bet range in this spot and call his bullets. You keep his range wider / as wide as his 3bet range could be and let him fire into your PP and TPTK. (=Call with JJ+,AQs,AK? QQ+,AKs?)

    Bottom line: yes, it's a cooler; but you should have lost much less.
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    Thank you Red chipper. I have just added 3 bet resteal to my HUD so i can check that exact thing out. Also this guy doesnt have much poss awareness. he opens and 3 bets the same range from all poss. Im supprised how little players at this level do understand, the amount that open more from UTG than later is incredible, though I should be designing my strategy to go foward to where they do.
  • HotsteppaHotsteppa Red Chipper Posts: 20 ✭✭
    Thank you RED. lol thought your name was red chipper

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