Help with biggest leak.

HotsteppaHotsteppa Red Chipper Posts: 20 ✭✭
It feels strange asking for help from people who 1 day might be competitors, but im sure we all like to help, thats why we are here. I recently went through downswing, made me look hard at strategy. Ive identified a leak so bad that plugging it would make the downswing irrelevant. Ive known for a while just didnt realise how much it cost. Ill use this terrible example hand , they not all this bad, extreme example.
Always happens against NITS who have shown me the nuts a few times.
NL5 pokerstars Full ring.
Villian is Vpip 19 PFR 13 3bet 3 agg 1. 162 hands. And has shown nuts twice in last 20 hands.
UTG limps
CO calls
($5) Villian BTN raises $0.50
($11.60) Hero SB calls. with AQ spades.
($5) BB calls. both limpers fold. goes 3 ways. POT $ 1.60

Vill is tight so I dont like 3bet , dont like call either, Thought of folding but the slow burn Tilt was starting.
Flop comes :Kh :Js :6s

This is the critical point. As soon as I saw the flop my mind went- CR all in!
I hardly ever CR to this size on flop, but my mind was telling me , No way is this guy having this, he cant have it every time. This will make me sound stupid, my thought process is not like this, Ive so far been a winning player who has spent an incredible amount of study time. Ive trully been poor by western standards and had to earn the money for a lap top, HM3 and a $20 start from playing on my phone.
I wont drag the hand out, BB leads , VILL jams, I call it off, BB folds
Run out :6h :7h
VILL shows Jd Jc and wins.
As soon as I started to push the call btn Im saying " are you serious? odds are not even close" At one point I had a post it note on my screen saying "what do u beat!"
I go into a slow burn tilt trance and make these ridiculous calls and jams. In other examples given 10 seconds thought time I couldnt name 1 hand I beat, yet I call. I can Clearly remember 10 to 15 stacks ive lost like this, And Im still up over 120k hands! Think of the $ Im throwing away each time.
So is there a way anyone uses to make them stop and think?
Im not looking for some weird attention, because it sounds so so simple, just think!!
Its obviously not for me, its detrimental. I need to never auto pilot into a tilt, HOW?


  • TheGameKatTheGameKat Las VegasPosts: 5,440 -
    Two points.

    First, depending on the size of the BB lead (and whether you think they'll call), your call may not be bad.

    Second, when you play poker, take your hand off the mouse. If that doesn't help, get some rosary beads or something. They're not for praying or whatever one does with them, they're to circuit break the link between brain and mouse hand.
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  • HotsteppaHotsteppa Red Chipper Posts: 20 ✭✭
    A simple solution to a simple problem. Thanks, its actually a good idea. I tried holding a witch action figure (dont ask) but a rosary gives you something to move around in your hands. So many times I just tap the mouse then sit thinking "Why did I think that was a good idea" lol. Finding out about more leaks has solved my downswing. I realise it totally dont matter, I still have so much to improve, let the results come as they do. Cheers.
  • MicskiMicski Red Chipper Posts: 2
    This hand is easy: If you are in the SB, and holds any kind of big ace, except AK, then your best options are 3bet or fold. However: Most players can not show a profit with big aces in 3bet hands. These hands are losing in any position in any kind of 3bet hands, no matter, if they 3bet or calls a 3bet. AQs, and any big ace, is a clear fold for that reason. Next hand.
  • ulysses27ulysses27 Red Chipper Posts: 224 ✭✭
    I can relate and have done similar things. One thing to look at is your thoughts. When you have a thought like "this guy can't always have it" it may be influencing your decision making. Intuition is important in poker but it can lead astray. When you analyze your hands think about what your thought process was as well.

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