First HH/ Shove?

superfudgesuperfudge Red Chipper Posts: 5 ✭✭
Hi there-
First HH post. I’ll do my best. Bubble play when short stacked in an online $20 6-player double- up tourney. Top 3 get $40. Blinds are 100/200. No HUD- anonymous. 4 players left.

HJ (2385) Fold
Button (3510) Limps for 200
SB HERO (1420) Qh9h - Complete for 100
BB (1785) Check

First Question- I’m wondering if I should have just shoved here with Suited Q with the limp in front? The trick with this seems to be at this level is that for many players, anything worth calling seems to be worth calling a shove. Weirdly, I find that other than this, play seems to lean towards the passive, so you get to see more flops than usual. This is what makes me hesitate to do this (and to preserve a big enough stack to open shove in a few hands. Anyhow I choose to limp and hopefully see a flop getting 5/1.

I check with a gut-shot. BB and Button check.

Turn: 9s

This is where my second potentially bad decision lies. I now have a pair with two overs on the board with the same gut-shot.
I check, BB checks, Button bets 200.

I think about semi-bluff shove or just a call but am worried I’m way behind. I have a player behind so worried he may raise and then I have just over 5 BB left, which tends to intimidate no one. So I fold.
BB folds too. Rabbit card comes and I would have hit my 10. Baby Jesus laughs at me in heaven.

So I guess the question(s) would be-
PF shove with suited Q9?
Passively call the 200 on the turn with the pair and gutshot? Or shove?
Just felt I played this poorly. Ended up winning soon after when second in chips shoves into leader and gets knocked out. Maybe I’m too concerned with preservation vs. being aggressive on bubble.


  • TheGameKatTheGameKat Las VegasPosts: 5,440 -
    These double-ups are pretty extreme, in the sense that they are dominated by ICM on the bubble. So to address your last point first, preservation should always be your first concern. However, as the shortest stack, sometimes staying alive requires aggression.

    The limp in front here complicates things. If you think it likely you'll get called if you shove, then folding and calling are probably close. Part of your issue is the big stack has you well covered, and may call off in an attempt to end the thing. It really hinges on how often you think a shove will get through.

    On the turn, I think just folding is probably correct. Which illustrates why completing in the first place may not be ideal, despite the price.
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  • superfudgesuperfudge Red Chipper Posts: 5 ✭✭

    That makes sense. These close ones are tricky for me.


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