When I usually end up as a mouse. How do I become the cat?

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Hi everyone

I'm a man with a lot of leaks. Has gotten better since Core 2.0, 6 weeks but they still get the best of me. I pay them but I do not manage to get them to pay as often.

My frequency has been very off in many places. Have a hard time not getting run over. Should be good because I can get paid more but hard to get enough good hands.

If I play aggressively, they shove light, and if I release gas they put a lot of pressure on my cap range.

Should be gold condition against reg, when they think I'm a complete Maniac. Can't find a good balance against them.

Any tips on getting respect again?
All tips and ideas appreciated?
Do I have to cut bluffs for a while?
Play a much tighter range for a while?

Talks only about regs. Core 2.0 has helped me to be a smart Maniac against unknown and weak opponents. There is a lot to steal when they are cap.


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    Are you playing a lot against the same line-up of players? Do they use HUDs?

    Also congratulations to Google Translate for opting for "release gas".
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  • TheGameKatTheGameKat Las VegasPosts: 5,440 -
    One general observation.

    You mention in another thread you tend to play like a maniac. Two points:

    1. Don't do this
    2. Maniacs don't generate a lot of fold equity

    If you're playing against the same players, this would be a great time to tighten up and bet almost exclusively for value.
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  • ZerniZerni Red Chipper Posts: 7 ✭✭
    Plays a lot of the same player. Without a doubt. Would be weird otherwise but that's my assumption.

    sorry i do not know if you are joking or not "release gas". Hade left or was more corecct? my writing and grammatical is anything but good, so I use google translate.

    As I mentioned I have reduced my Maniac since Core 2.0.

    Have tightened up but the less Maniac I am the more raise the do. Maybe it's just a feeling.

    My stats 23/19,8, 3bet 11,6, 4bet range 4.28

    Have been 3bet less this month and 3bet less against early position when villain is very tight. Have been more aggressive with 5bet against some reg begging 4bet me Often BTN vs CO.

    I generate a lot of fold against week cap players, most of my win. Have released a lot against regs but have to let go complete until they break the rules first?

    How tight should I get? Depolarize complete and cut of 3bet bluff complete for a time?
  • TheGameKatTheGameKat Las VegasPosts: 5,440 -
    "Release gas" is a (slightly old) term for what I believe in Swedish is "fisa".

    Your preflop frequencies look okay. I assume you're tighter from EP and looser in LP?

    With those numbers, you're definitely more of a cat than a mouse already. But sometimes bad things happen to cats.

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    edited January 2021
    Off topic. I spent a very confusing week in Stockholm once at a conference. On the first day someone came up to me and said something in Swedish. I apologized that I didn't speak Swedish. They look puzzled and walked off. Three days later, the same thing happened, except this time they look puzzled and asked me, in English this time, where the nearest place was to mail a letter. So now I looked very puzzled back, and again apologized since I did not have this information.

    I explained this to a Swedish colleague and he burst out laughing. Apparently the jacket I was wearing was pretty much identical to those worn by PostNord Sverige employees.
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  • ZerniZerni Red Chipper Posts: 7 ✭✭
    Hear it now. Did not feel right. Has a word on his tongue but can't get it out :)
    What is the right sentence?

    I am even tighter from EP and also have a cold call range now. Do not like Pro version Ranges, good in theory bad in practice.

    They assume that players at their level have are extremely aggressive and from my experience, they are not even close.
    For the aggressive, make life easier for oneself but also easier for many regs to meet me.
    3bet and 4bet is wide because we have no cold call range, I get run over at 50 $ ZOOM wins some but have too little equity when they do not fold
    Is there any merit to my assumption?

    My biggest leaks are that I take too many bluffs to turn and the river, gets better though.

    Today I did a super blunder. Hi has no bluff on turn and I call his x/r TPBK on Ks 4s8d 8s hi check I bet 50% hi shove I call out of subconscious frustration.
    I have like a super whale I am K9s

    The course is magical here but Poker is probably nothing for me. Played on and off since 2003. Now breakeven Pokerstars $ 50 Zoom

    Sounds like a funny story, Swedes can even be a little odd in their social ability

    Thanks for the reply

  • TheGameKatTheGameKat Las VegasPosts: 5,440 -
    I think your initial "release gas" is better as "back off", but I'm not entirely sure what you were trying to convey.

    If you feel the PRO ranges are assuming too much aggression from opponents, you might like to compare them to the CORE live ranges, which have different assumptions about the opponents.
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