2-100 Spread limit Flopping OESD multiway

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1: I hate facing the small 3 bet pre and multi way. Back raising here too aggressive?
2: It seems really difficult to range 3 other opponents after such a small 3 bet pre, there isnt much incentive to fold. Suggestions?

2- 100 spread limit. 6 handed due to COVID with plexiglass dividers. eff ~$225.
Table has been fairly gambling and wide ranges. Hero has been fairly tight hasnt shown down hands in 2 hours at table. Button is young male who talks poker but seems to have some aggression leaks and limps far too wide.

loose passive limp UTG. Hero CO :Kh:Jd raise to 8. OG behind me call. Button raises to $14. BB calls. Hero calls? OG calls.

This small 3 bet is new. Seems to not really accomplish anything - pot sweetener with speculative hand like JTs? I strongly dislike this raise sizing. Bloating the pot with my RIO hand and me being OOP. I hate calling it but seems like only option.

pot ~$60

Flop: :Qc:Tc:5d

utg checks. Hero checks. OG checks. Button bets $24. UTG calls.

Hero back raises to $124 (max raise) with $80 behind.


Ranging here seems tough for me. The small C bet multi way seems suspect. If he had something like AQo or big draw then the money will be going in with large bets. Similarly the call behind from UTG also seems weak. Given I have a non nut draw with some RIO calling is out of the option despite good odds but risk OG behind me of raising (small risk). Thus the best play is to raise big and try and win it right here. Folding second best with calling a distant third.

All opponents fold and hero takes pot


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    How you rank raise/fold/call seems to me to depend almost entirely on how much fold equity you estimate you have. If it's low, calling strikes me as fine, particularly since you can potentially use clubs as bluff outs.
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