77 too loose to shove defend in SB with 10BBi

AntmanAntman Red Chipper Posts: 3 ✭✭
Hi red chippers,
have a hand that would like to run past you. Scenario:
SB: 8k, BB: 16K 16K ante posted by BB.
Pot = 40k before any action...
hero in SB with 10BB ( total ) looks down at 7h7s
folded around to mp who is fairly aggro, likes suited aces and pressuring blinds ( had been quite active and very rarely limped in ). mp has 19BB and raises 3.1xBB (50k). Folded to hero and I shove as his live tell indicated he was thinking about tossing the hand into the muck pre as I could see it was a marginal action for him to raise. BB gets out of the way and villain calls for basically half his stack. My showdown hands to this point had been value focused so I don't think there was any reason for him to think I was loose or defending wide. Villain rolls over Ad3d. Given the range I had him on 22+,A2s+,K9s+,QTs+,ATo+,KJo+,QJo. Makes me a 53% to 47% equity dog. I could discount his top tier range as his live tell suggested he had no where near top 7% somewhere more along the lines of 88, 66-22, 7d7c, A9s-A8s, A6s-A2s, KJs-K9s, QTs+, Ad7d, Ac7c, ATo-A8o, KJo+, QJo. Money bubble is still way off and average stack was around 450k. Ace is binked on the flop ( not important ), but would like to know whether the shove was correct as calling doesn't make much sense, which means jam or fold. Is this correct? Are 77 too far down in the value range to challenge a stealing action?



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