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PokerstudentPokerstudent Red Chipper Posts: 13 ✭✭
Is Harrington's "M" still used, and if so, is it a valid strategy to use?


  • Eon137Eon137 Red Chipper Posts: 265 ✭✭✭
    I don't hear much use of the term "M" anymore. I think it's more common to talk in terms of how many big blinds are in a stack than the M value. M is a useful concept since it also takes into account the size of antes when determining the cost per orbit if you were to just fold every hand, which determines how "fast" you need to play in the tournament. I'm guessing that with the advent of push/fold charts and GTO thinking, measuring stacks in BB has become more convenient and useful.
  • PapaGiorgioPapaGiorgio Red Chipper Posts: 116 ✭✭
    i believe there is an old RCP podcast that talks about M vs BB's. The crux of the discussion was it didn't matter which you used because both converge on the same strategy. Using BB is easier, so that has become the norm.
  • TheGameKatTheGameKat Las VegasPosts: 5,056 -
    Is Harrington's "M" still used, and if so, is it a valid strategy to use?

    M is still used, but via proxy usually in terms of bbs, as noted above. The only major change is that opening sizes have dropped since Harrington wrote his tournament trilogy, so that impacts the boundaries of the zones somewhat.

    But, yes, a fundamental part of tournament poker is understand how effective stacks impact ranges and options. Fox covers this in detail in our CORE MTT course.
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  • SaintsTigersSaintsTigers Red Chipper Posts: 244 ✭✭
    It's good to keep track of how many rounds you have left in your chip stack in certain ICM situations. Like in a satellite close to the bubble with smaller stacks around or just the $$$ bubble in an MTT when you're short.
  • Wigmann_33Wigmann_33 Wuppertal ElberfeldRed Chipper Posts: 1 ✭✭
    I'm primarily a tournament player, and when that is what I am doing I don't base my play on the size of the pot in relation to the probability of making my hand.

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