Not keeping track of pot and stack sizes example hand.

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$2 Reno Peppermill game. I can’t remember the exact stack depth of villain. I need to do way more work on that and this hand just shows in perfect clarity why. Going off of 3 day memory-lapse.

Hero: :Ah:Kh In the Big Blind with 300BB stack

Multiple Limpers, 6 maybe. Hero Raises to 13BB One player in early position calls. This player is relatively new but seems to know everyone so hero figures he’s a Reg.

Pot: 31BB
Hero decides this is the perfect opportunity to run a 3-Barrel bluff.
Flop: :Jh:6h:2s
Hero Bets: 25BB (should have been more) Villain Calls

Pot: 81BB
Turn: :7c
Hero (a little nervous) Bets: 36BB (should have been more) Villain Shoves

Hero now feels he only has 7 outs. A flush card that doesn’t pair the board. If hero was keeping track of the pot he would know what he needed to call, but he was not and the pressure is on.
It would seem from this remembrance that Hero would need his last investment to be 7*2% + 10% to account for bluffing or 24% so if hero had to call anything under $150.00 it may have been worth it.
Hero folds and Villain shows :Tc:8s

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