Weak Turn Fold

Chris_VChris_V BoiseRed Chipper Posts: 175 ✭✭
For some reason last night I was just having difficulty dealing with a Villain who was sticky and liked to bet when C-Bettor checked.

Hero in BB (100BB) with :9h:9c
Villain BTN (covers everyone)

Fold to Villain who Raises 3.5BB fold to Hero who 3-Bets to 10BB (should this be 14BB?) Villain calls.

Flop: :Kd:7c:4s

C-Bets 10BB Villain Calls.

Turn: :Kd:7c:4s:8c

Hero: Checks
Villain Bets: 20BB
Hero: Folds

Against this player type I think I have to call here and maybe even call a river bet if he truly will bet any two. Hard to say cause I didn't play very long with the guy. I didn't ask for information but he volunteered that he had AK (while he mucked). I figure that was table talk possibly employed to make people feel better about folding?

If it was any other player at the table I don't think my fold would have been too nitty but I think I really made a bad decision here. I keep hearing Adam Jones saying, "We don't like to be here, we are an underdog, but we are getting the right odds to call"


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