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messi367messi367 Red Chipper Posts: 26 ✭✭
I am playing $1-2 Live at a Casino in New Hampshire.

There was a straddle to $5 and the player in the HJ went all in for $47. This player was on the looser side and his stack had dwindled down. I called in the SB with 88s. BB shoves for $200 and I folded. The BB was a younger guy who was making some weird aggressive moves during the night. HJ had AKo and the BB had 66s.

I needed 34% equity to make this call profitable, I calculated this in the Pot Odds Calculator. Against both of these players I gave each player a pretty strong range in PokerCruncher and I only had 26% equity. I just happened to come up against 2 hands that were ideal for my hand, in terms of equity.

Since the HJ's stack is so small should I focus more on my equity vs the BB because I could win a big side pot? Or do I just look at the pot odds and the equity I have vs. both opponents and make the +EV decision...?


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    To do the math right, you need to do independent calculations against each opponent to reflect the different stack depths.

    Did you consider just shoving preflop yourself? You're sort of begging to get squeezed here.
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  • messi367messi367 Red Chipper Posts: 26 ✭✭
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    So for the independent calculations when the BB shoves do I include the money in the pot already? How does that work.

    There is not much squeezing in my games typically, most people at the casino in BB's shoes would have just called there. This was definitely a rare play. The purpose of shoving would be to isolate myself vs the HJ and I do think that would have been the better play even though people do not squeeze often. Also when I call I'm giving the BB good odds to call.
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    You use EV = %W$W - %L$L versus each player, but you need to include the possibility of beating BB but losing to HJ.

    However, as played, you can simplify it because when shoved on all you have to do is calculate the equity of the call against the BB.
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  • messi367messi367 Red Chipper Posts: 26 ✭✭

    Is this correct? I included all of the money in the pot and that %W is what I came up with in Pokercruncher with just me vs the BB.

    I don't know how you would calculate beating one player and losing to another but I think that would be if you face 2 all ins. And typically in a spot like that you would be thinking about it like a normal Preflop All in Spot and would only go all in with strong hands...
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    If your ranging suggests you're roughly flipping with BB, then yes, call. The existing pot provides a massive overlay. But if your plan is to call the BB when shoved on, it's almost certainly better to iso-shove yourself.
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