Bluff River after missing Draws and the PF raiser checking?

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Do you bluff on the river if you miss your draws and the PF raiser checks on the river?

In a $ 2 / $ 2 game I got 6h5h in MP ($300) and yes I know it shouldn't be done, but I limped! There are 3 other limpers (which is almost typical for these limits) and the SB (solid player, TAG, 20-30, $500 behind) does a small open raise to $ 12. All calls (also typical), so there are 5 players and $ 60 on the flop. Qh4h4c. The SB bets $ 30 and only I call. Turn ($ 120) 3d. He is betting $ 64 and I call. Raise here? On the river ($ 248), Jd, he checks.

I've missed everything and can give up or try to take the pot with a bluff.

1) Are you even doing a bluff here? He was the PF raiser and played twice, only checked on the river (pot control?).

2) If you decide to bluff, do you bet small or big?

I put his ranges together and came to the conclusion that he actually only got to the river with strong ranges! Mostly (80%) with TP.
I beted $ 70 (BE 70/70 + 248 = 22%) and he immediately made a Snapcall with AQo.

So I would be grateful for a few pointers. Would it be possible that he would bet twice with flush draws and then I would even get through the bluff on the river?


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    Heh, I posted a similar online 6 max hand yesterday from the other side. I had QQ and checked river after draws bricked and villain jammed on river as a bluff. I had an overpair, not sure what villain has in this spot though. I

    I'm too new to really offer any advice but just thought it super intertesting to see this question asked from the other side. And I can give you my perspective because I'm probably similar to a lot of the players you'd play against in this spot (I"m not that great/really new/ fishy)

    One perspective I think I can provide from villain's perspective is that he isn't really "scared" but probably just doesn't think better hands will call if he bets, so if you bet smallish (1/3-1/2 pot or even medium (2/3-pot), I think it's a call for sure from him.

    I think the only thing you do that gets him to think at all, is a jam and from what I've heard about live play (I only play online) I don't think it's likely he folds to that even. But a jam is pretty much the only bluff you make that gets him off overpair or tptk?

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    Thanks - yeah, I thing it's harder to get someone to fold in live poker, especially with TPTK. So the bluff would only have worked against missed draws or a pair below Q-high anyway.

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