Best Hand Replayer for Spin&Go?

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In one of those "Did that just happen?" moments where even when it's over, you don't quite believe it, I seemed to have won $600 on a $3 Stars Spin&Go last night. Perhaps it was a gift from the poker gods as I've been feeling a bit down about my game recently but whatever it was, it's given my roll a boost beyond all recent expectations. Needless to say, I have been feeling rather buoyant today...

This being said, I recognise that everything past experience has told me is still true - luck and variance rule when it comes to such formats so there's nothing necessarily to be proud of. Still, I am interested to know how much of it was luck or how much - if anything - was skill-related. I know one thing - I am sure that all three of us had the same reaction when the $720 came rolling up on the screen. Basically a 'Oh %*!$ this is serious!!'

I definitely played tighter than I would normally when playing for just another $3 but I did wonder if there are a couple of missed spots because of fear rather than playing correctly. Either way, I would like to perhaps upload the whole thing somewhere if only for the sake of posterity and a way of reminding myself in the future of a very happy moment. And if anyone wanted to give any feedback or comments on what a total luckbox I was then that would be cool too.

So do you have any suggestions as to the best format for uploading a whole Spin&Go? Is Universal Replayer the best as I think that's the one that Jonathan Little always uses. Unless you have any other suggestions?


Charlie (who still can't believe his luck)


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    Congrats on the ship!

    What's your goal with the tournament replay?
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    SplitSuit wrote:
    Congrats on the ship!

    What's your goal with the tournament replay?

    Thank you James! I am still buzzing :)

    As for my goal, I guess two fold - one, it would be something for my non-poker friends and family who are all rather amazed that my funny little hobby can bring $600 from $3. So it would be fun to upload it for them to view. And for me too as it's the biggest tourney win I've ever had so I would like to mark it in some way and have it set aside from just another game in my database.

    But I am also interested in how I played the game so would use it as an opportunity to get feedback from poker buddies whether at my local game or on the forum here. I am particularly interested in looking at how much the inflated prize changed my play. I realise now in hindsight that it's the exact opposite of when the reward is relatively miniscule. I will play loose and wild not caring really about correct play as it doesn't matter either way. But when the reward is so high, does this have an equally bad effect on my play albeit in different forms?

    So if I had somewhere to upload it and then publish the link here that would be cool if people didn't mind looking and giving some feedback...
  • SplitSuitSplitSuit RCP Coach Posts: 4,034 -
    If you have PT4, request the hands from PokerStars, import them into a PT4 DB, select all the hands from the tournament, and then export as video.

    If you don't have PT4, you can request the hands from PokerStars and I'd be happy to do this for you. It will mesh the entire tournament into a single video that plays each hand in order.
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    Thank you James!! which point I must rather sheepishly make an embarrassing confession. Um, I do have PT4 - it was after all where I first heard the famous dulcet tones!! - and even though I use the internal replayer to review individual hands by myself, it kinda never crossed my mind that it's also able to export an entire tourney and upload to another platform.

    Yeah, my name is Charlie and I am officially the biggest techy dunce on RCP :-?

    If we close our eyes and count to ten, can we pretend that I never asked this rather dumb question?! :oops:

    Mea Culpa, Father Sweeney!! :)
  • SplitSuitSplitSuit RCP Coach Posts: 4,034 -
    No problem at all. I had to ponder for a few moments to figure out the best way to do this as well =)

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