3-bet All In on the flop - good move or bad?

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I have a recent hand I’d like feedback on in a 1/1 NL game at the local social club. I’m on button with QQ and reraise to $12. 2 callers. Flop is 8-9-J rainbow. EP bets $12, mid position (loose, drinking) reraises to $25. I shove for $100. I put her on either top pair and/or open-ended straight draw so I would be ahead either way. EP folds and the reraiser calls with 89o for bottom 2 pair. Nothing changes and I lose my stack. Since I 3 bet to $12 BB preflop I didn’t put her on such a a marginal hand.

This hand ate at me for an entire week. I am trying to work on putting opponents on appropriate ranges. My question: Was my AI on the flop a bad play? Should I have put her on a wider range?

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    Preflop question: You re-raised, but who was initial raiser? What was the action (initial raise and call)? Assuming EP raised 3-4x, then she called with 89o, you 3bet, EP calls? If so, she has a decent price to call with a pretty wide range.

    Post-flop: I would put sets and two pair in her range with a raise after a donk bet. Overall, I think she has the nut advantage on this flop.

    Last questions, you labeled her a loose player. Was this after the hand or prior to the hand? What hands were you targeting with your All In with one pair and a gut shot on this board? Would they believe that Q10 is in your 3b range?


  • Cdman122Cdman122 Red Chipper Posts: 3 ✭✭
    Thank you for your response. This is the exact reason why I joined this forum! You are right, villain did have a good price to call. Therefore, I should have included those 2 pair combos in her range: 89, 9J in particular, or even pocket 8's or 9's. For your last question, I based her description on previous observation. So, thank you for answering my question....it was a bad move on my end.

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