Hand #2

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Attached the breakdown with our hand ranges to this.

I think the biggest realization me and @JamesTheG1ant had was that we don't think we should double barrel with any of our flush draws because if we have a flush draw, the chances that he has a flush draw are almost none, since the large majority of both our flush draw hands on the turn are Ax. Instead, he'll show up most the time here with top pair+ which we don't think he's folding very often.

Instead, we can bet our OESD on the turn and if the river bricks (like it did) we can barrel the river and fold out his flush draws.

We did find that we're betting 90% of our range on the turn which seemed like a lot but we didn't think playing in a way that can be exploited was very relevant given the stakes/table we're playing at.

One final note was that we thought the bet sizing on the flop was too big for a multiway pot - something like 1/3 or 1/4th pot makes more sense.

We also discussed if it would make sense to vary our bet sizing depending on if we had, for example, AK of clubs vs. AK of spades - maybe bet larger with AK clubs but we also thought this might be too in the weeds for where we're at and tabled this discussion.

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