Unlucky Learning Experience!

BIWAWOBIWAWO Red Chipper Posts: 5 ✭✭
SB was a maniac. I had seen him caught bluffing a couple times and caught him once myself in 26 hands and one of those hands he had 3-bet bluffed.

NL Holdem 0.05(BB)
HJ ($1.25) [VPIP: 100% | PFR: 0% | AGG: 14.3% | Flop Agg: 33.3% | Turn Agg: 0% | River Agg: 0% | 3-Bet: 0% | 4-Bet: 0% | Cold Call: 100% | Hands: 3]
CO ($4.93) [VPIP: 0% | PFR: 0% | AGG: 0% | Hands: 5]
BTN ($6.65) [VPIP: 23.1% | PFR: 23.1% | AGG: 40% | Hands: 26]
SB ($5.20) [VPIP: 72% | PFR: 52% | AGG: 74.1% | Flop Agg: 84.6% | Turn Agg: 55.6% | River Agg: 80% | 3-Bet: 37.5% | 4-Bet: 0% | Hands: 26]
HERO ($8.54) [VPIP: 24.3% | PFR: 17% | AGG: 30.3% | Flop Agg: 37.1% | Turn Agg: 25.5% | River Agg: 25% | 3-Bet: 1.2% | 4-Bet: 14.3% | Cold Call: 20.7% | Hands: 265]
UTG ($4.17) [VPIP: 17.4% | PFR: 4.3% | AGG: 13.3% | Hands: 23]

Dealt to Hero: 7:diamond: A:heart:

UTG Folds, HJ Calls $0.05, CO Folds, BTN Folds, SB Raises To $0.25, HERO Calls $0.20, HJ Calls $0.20

Hero SPR on Flop: [1.33 effective]
Flop ($0.75): 3:club: A:spade: J:club:
SB Bets $0.72 (Rem. Stack: $4.23), HERO Raises To $1.44 (Rem. Stack: $6.85), HJ Folds, SB Calls $0.72 (Rem. Stack: $3.51)

At this point I figured he missed and was throwing out a Cbet. Flush draw crossed my mind so I decided to try to bet him off of it. Looking back I probably should have bet more.

Turn ($3.63): 3:club: A:spade: J:club: 2:club:
SB Bets $3.51 (allin), HERO Calls $3.51 (Rem. Stack: $3.34)

Now I'm definitely thinking flush and to be honest I normally wouldn't have called this bet. The combination of a 72% VPIP and my wife over my shoulder yelling "[email protected]*# that guy, call him!" made me pull the trigger.

River ($10.65): 3:club: A:spade: J:club: 2:club: 9:club:

SB shows: Q:diamond: 8:club:

SB wins: $10.12

My initial reaction was "See woman, I told you flush..." but after reviewing this hand I learned something that I think is huge. This is actually a +EV move almost always!?! Am I going about this right? Is there anything else I should be considering?

Against his hand I had 91% equity on the flop and 79.5% on the turn
Against a range including Q8o (37.6% on pokercruncher) I have 73.4/68.6 +EV=$5.76
Against his 72% VPIP its 80.3/73.5 +EV=$6.47
Even if this was against someone playing 10% in the SB its still +EV=$3.76

This is my first hand review so tear it apart, I can take it. I feel like there's a lot I'm missing here


  • TheGameKatTheGameKat Las VegasPosts: 4,951 -
    I'd avoid playing A7o in this spot at all, with the exception of when you have a genuine maniac in the SB. As to the rest of your line, the usual approach would be to bluff catch with TPWK. A flop raise may be okay, but yes, if they'll call with nonsense irrespective of your sizing, you can size larger.
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  • BIWAWOBIWAWO Red Chipper Posts: 5 ✭✭
    Hey Kat, thanks for the feedback! I was going back through the core ranges and A7o BB vs SB raise is shown as a call. I guess I should have put in the original post that the purpose of the flop raise was to fold HJ and gain position and hopefully folding this maniac. Otherwise I would have just called him down (with some encouragment from the ole lady) . I guess what I'm getting at is that this play makes me uncomfortable and in the moment I felt dumb for making it but, all of my calculations are saying it's a good move. What am I missing? It's in my preflop range, pot odds are good, it's +EV, my read was good, it just came down to an unlucky river card. The only downside I'm seeing is the low SPR. HJ is a fish and going to call just about any raise after limping in. Is that enough to fold and pick a better spot?
  • TheGameKatTheGameKat Las VegasPosts: 4,951 -
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    Right but here the SB is raising over a limper, and by calling you risk playing 3-way monkey in the middle. So given SB is a maniac I think 3-betting them may be preferable even though your hand is weak. That creates a situation in which you're HUIP vs a spewy player.
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  • BIWAWOBIWAWO Red Chipper Posts: 5 ✭✭
    Gotcha, that makes sense. So would it be safe to say that in general I could use the BB vs SB 3bet chart, scratch the call spots and stick to 3bet or fold with a limper or would you play tighter than that even in a 3 way pot?
  • TheGameKatTheGameKat Las VegasPosts: 4,951 -
    The reason you can get away with a pretty wide range in the BB vs only the SB is that you're likely facing a wide range and have the power of position. Once you add in the wild card of a limper, you have a greater motivation to win the pot pre and/or tighten up.
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  • BIWAWOBIWAWO Red Chipper Posts: 5 ✭✭
    Looks like I need to spend some time in the 3 betting department. Thanks for having a look Kat, much appreciated!

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