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Fellow Red Chippers... it is sooooo good to be back to Live Poker!

As always, you are subjected to my rants first... We have had live poker for the last few weeks here and after a few hiccups, I'm finally able to be back up and running a few times a week and as much as I hate to admit it, it is not like riding a bike at all and I am making a ton of mistakes. After some early losses where I was just playing bad (or possible I'm just a bad player overall), it's finally starting to normalize and I've booked some nice wins to put me back in the green. Long story short, man it's good to be back.

Now onto the evisceration :)

Game $1/$2 - 7 Players (Full Table)

Wednesday Night. Hard to describe the scene. High Hand running but ended about 2 hours ago. Poker room volume is way down compared to pre-pandemic. Table is really soft. No 3-betting, lots of limping, all fit or fold which is fine by me.

Hero = $395 Stack (Effective) 7-Seat. Enjoying the NBA play-in game, having a good time and ready to call it a night.

Villain = ~$600. 3 Seat. Whew boy.... where to begin. Older gentlemen, mid 50's. Sat down at the table and asked if it was $1-$3. Visibly & Vocally upset to find out it was $1-$2. Knew everyone that worked there and had stories for everyone. Within the first 30 minutes, was in a full blown argument with the dealer about LeBron James and in an argument with multiple players at the table about the election... but...

Running the Table Over!

One of those $1/$3, maybe $2/$5 players that sits down and just uses pure aggression to run over the soft players. Straddling from every position and after 3-4 limps (not me) would just bomb it up to $30 and take it right down. It was clear the other players had no answer and could not adjust but he was playing very solid. Getting hit with the deck to a degree and was taking the players to value town when he could and blew right off when needed.

Hands of note:

He stacked a short stack ($80) with 2,3o on a A,4,5 flop

He got paid off a $75 bet on a 3,4,6,10,9 board with 7,8o after he lead the turn for $20

Our first hand together. Button Straddled for $4 and he blind raised the SB to $8. Preflop folds to me in mid position, I raise to $25 with Q,Q, he says "that's what I like to see" referring to the action. Folds to him who calls but check folds to a $15 bet on a 3,9,A rainbow flop.

UTG raised $10 (bad player), I 3-bet to $25 from UTG+1 with 8,8, villain flat called his button straddle and UTG called. I ended up winning a small side pot from villain when the board ran out 2,3,9,10,5 with 4 clubs and I had the 8 of clubs to beat his 10,7o... UTG won with A,7o with Ace of Clubs

He then won a decent pot when he 3-bet a $10 open from the same UTG player from above to $37. then checked down a J,2,J,8,6 board until he bet $55 on the river and was called by A,K but he won with J,8o.

Sorry for all the long winded set up but I try to include everything that went through my head during the hand.

Hero = :Ad:Qd

Button (Villain) = Straddles $4
SB = Folds
BB = Folds
UTG (2 hands after the J,8o vs A,K hand, player is obviously tilted and talking to a friend about what happened and now short stacked around $60) = Raise $10

UTG+2 (Hero) = Calls $10

At this point, villain was raising or 3-betting almost all pots. I had limped-folded twice as the BB when he had straddled and then raised it up. Other than that, I had only open raised with the Q,Q (no showdown) and 3-bet with 8,8 (showdown). I am now looking for a spot to limp re-raise with weaker holdings A,2-A,5 suited, some broadway hands, suited connectors or looking to 4 bet with my premium hands when he 3-bets over my open. I know this is flawed logic but it was the end of my night and if I could take down a $40 pot preflop by shoving A,K, I'll take it. So I called here fully expecting him to 3-bet his button straddle in which either the short stack goes all in and I can re-shove or it folds back to me and I just re-shove.

Folds to Villain who says 'well I have to call' (God Damnit!)... it's possible he was giving me more credit than I thought.

Flop = $33


UTG = Check
Hero = Check
Villain = Bets $20
UTG = Folds
Hero = Calls $20

I don't see much merit in raising this villain. He's firing everything, especially in position. Of course, I can be blown off my hand if a 4th club hits, but so be it if that's the case. If I check-raise here, he's more than capable of jamming it in with a wide range of hands that hold equity against me.

Turn = $73


Hero = Checks
Villain = Bets $40
Hero = Calls $40

Same as above, except for now I'm buckling up knowing it's going to get bumpy. I would only be called by better and would fold out all his bluffs if I do anything besides call.

River = $153


Hero = Check
Villain = Bets $120

Hero = ???


  • TheGameKatTheGameKat Las VegasPosts: 5,112 -
    I think you may be overthinking the preflop action here and also overly focusing on one player when there's another in the hand and, at the time of your preflop call, a bunch of live players.

    With a tilted short-stacker raising, why not 3-bet to $30? You're happy to run AQs against the OR at that depth. Further, if the button just calls your 3-bet, and OR shoves, it reopens the action. If OR shoves and you really think button is that wide you can then 5-bet.

    By calling here one likely path is you're going postflop OOP to the guy who is running over the table. You really want that?

    As played, you're basically guessing. With the info provided, I lean calling end, but it's not pleasant.
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  • KossKoss Red Chipper Posts: 128 ✭✭✭
    A lot to unpack in this post. I've run into villains like this often enough over my years. One thing is almost certain, a lot of money will exchange hands when these guys are at the table. My biggest winning and unfortunately biggest losing sessions are against these types of players. They are going to take you for a wild ride one way or another.

    First off, you mentioned you've limp folded a couple times when he's in the straddle. That's a big mistake. Against guys who raise their straddles nearly every time, don't limp unless you are planning to limp re-raise (a VERY effective strategy). You know the raise is coming, so limping with a hand you will later fold is pretty inexcusable.

    As for the hand in question, you have to be honest with yourself about this guys frequencies. If he's really 3-betting that often, then I think your plan to call the UTG then 4-bet over top of him with this hand is fine. If he's calling raises more often than 3-betting, then I would just 3-bet this myself against the UTG short stack to try to get heads up.

    Against the guy you described I'm playing postflop pretty much the same way. The worst thing you can do against these guys is show aggression (unless you're bluffing them, which is a dubious proposition at best). If I had flopped the nut flush, I'd have checked all 3 streets as well because that's how you get max value from these guys. I'd call this river bet. I don't love it, but it's good enough. It will be a bluff or just a worst hand enough of the time. You only have to be good about 30% of the time to make this a profitable call.
  • IndiaPlaysIndiaPlays Red Chipper Posts: 2 ✭✭
    THANK YOU! for Sharing the knowledge.
  • Steve MSteve M Red Chipper Posts: 58 ✭✭
    Posting the Result...
    Hero called and Villain says 'Nice Call' and mucks his hand when I show

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