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RaiseFold33RaiseFold33 Red Chipper Posts: 2 ✭✭
Hand one.
1/3 no limit effective stacks are $500.00. 6 handed game, late Friday night around midnight. Playing Tag and punishing limped.

Utg plus 1 raises to 10 little on the smaller side for the table, cutoff calls, I call with ace 7 off blinds fold. $33 Flop is ace 10 3 rainbow. Utg bets $15 into 3 people, cut of min raises to $30. I think and fold. Kicker problems. Thinking back on it I probably should of folded or 3 bet pre flop but I thought calling on the button and evaluating was okay too probably not the most +ev option. Anyways utg calls. $96 Turn jack utg bets $30 and cutoff calls this time. $156 River. Ace Utg bets $90 and cutoff calls. Utg shows king 10 for 2 pair and cutoff shows pocket QQ and takes it down. Did I make a mistake on the flop given the action I thought I was beat and did not want to face more pressure and get myself into an difficult position with a crappy Kicker with my ace facing a raise and a re raise on the flop. I was shocked by the river showdown. Are players really this odd? How to put them on ranges once this type of play has been seen? Thanks.

Hand 2
1/3 no limit. Effective stacks $300. Strattle to 6 from utg. Utg plus one limps, cutoff limps for 6. I'm on the button with ace queen off and make it $35 to go. Small blind cold calls the $35 with about 100 behind. Utg folds, utg plus one rips for $300 (second hand at table so unknown villian) I think for awhile and call the all in thinking she is stealing and re raise stealing. Horrible call after thinking about it after, at best I'm flipping for stacks and probably crushed. I didn't think she would limp in though with something super high in her range. Anyways small blind calls off his last 100 so there is about a 200 side pot. Limo jammer shows ace king and small blind shows 9 9. Flops an ace but losses to a flush from pocket 99 on the river. I think my play should of been a quick fold especially with small blind cold calling my 35 and still left to act. I leveled my self into thinking she would not be so bad and limp out of position with ace king. Should of just folded however did create a learning experience and re Bought for 300. Ended up not tilting and playing well the rest of the session which is a thing I have struggled with in the past. Looking for comments on both hands and flame on. Thanks.


  • TheGameKatTheGameKat Las VegasPosts: 5,112 -
    Hand #1: fold pre.

    Hand #2: Once in a blue moon you meet the overlimp-reraise. I again prefer a fold.
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  • KossKoss Red Chipper Posts: 128 ✭✭✭
    Agree with Kat on both points. A7o is a fold OTB facing any sort of raise. This hand is really only good for opening the BTN or defending your blind BB against a small LP open, otherwise it's always a fold in any spot. Hypothetically if it were an online game and I misclicked the preflop call, I'd still fold the flop. You'll obviously be ranging them much wider going forward. Against players like this you just want to make big hands and make them pay. I don't put a lot of my energy into trying to define their ranges at this point because it's not really necessary to beat them big. Most of your value will come from making hands that fare well against almost any range and making them pay.

    Hand 2 I tend to give these back raises credit for being AA/KK the first time I see them and will make very very tight folds against them. I've definitely seen the move done with AK plenty as well. I'd fold against an unknown. Against a more maniacal player, you can start calling these a lot lighter.

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