Auto-piloting AK and getting stuck in no mans land

Ron KRon K Red Chipper Posts: 119
edited September 2014 in Online Poker Hands
P2(BTN) $42.28 - VP:33 PFR:23 AF:1.0 W:33|25 STL:50|100 3B:0|0 CB:100|50 N:27 Hands:30
P3(SB) $57.55 - VP:19 PFR:19 AF:Inf. W:0| STL:50|50 3B:11| CB:0|0 N:7.30 Hands:16
Me(BB) $49.75 - VP:3 PFR:3 AF:0.5 W:50|0 STL:0|100 3B:8| CB:100| N:-47.03 Hands:29
P5(UTG) $87.81 - VP:53 PFR:3 AF:2.8 W:31|100 STL:10|33 3B:0|100 CB:0|75 N:53.06 Hands:30

Pre Flop: Me(BB) with [ :Kd , :Ac ]
P5(UTG) calls 0.50, P2(BTN) raises 2.25, P3(SB) folds, Me(BB) raises 7, P5(UTG) folds, P2(BTN) calls 5.25

Flop: ( :Tc , :3d , :5h ) (2 players) Pot (15.75)
Me(BB) bets 8, P2(BTN) raises 34.78, Me(BB) calls 26.78

Turn: ( :Jd )

River: ( :8c )

P2(BTN) shows [ :9c , :9h ]
P2(BTN) wins 83.31

Reminds me of the days that I almost always did this kind of crap with AK.

First off this guy was a bad LAG messin' with the whole table & constantly stealing , so I pick up AK and decide to 3 bet him (I kind of lost focus here because I was involved in a hand at another table and just hit the pot button instead of adjusting my raise size.) He calls and I'm stuck in no mans land OOP with an SPR of 2 against an odd LAG with a bricked board. (I realize that I should have raised more to get the SPR down closer to 1 and jammed any flop) but now what? I have 3 options , check /fold , bet/fold, jam it all in anyway. He ended up re-raising my bet all-in. When he did that I tanked and actually thought there was a 50/50 chance my AK might be good so with said and my 28% equity I called . Anyway, I butchered the whole hand . Hope you guys get a good laugh :)


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