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MnpokerMnpoker Red Chipper Posts: 199 ✭✭
$800 buy in about 680 buy ins across 2 day ones. 15 left 50K-100K-100K My stack 800K and I'm UTG. Shoves have been getting through unchallenged 90% of the time. Average stack was about 1.2M. Honestly I don't care about small ladder ups and first cash that looks tempting is 10th but really want the win. Blinds increase in 3 minutes (40 minute levels) not positive but I think 60K-120K. So O check my pocket and see 66. I had been card dead the entire level and had not VIP the entire level. Considering that it was my blinds next I decide to shove (calling is not even thought) looks like it will get through until BB calls with KQ off. BB and I have roughly the same stack size but he has me covered. He flops a K and I'm out. Do you prefer a fold or a shove and why?


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    I just consult the charts in these spots and it looks like a shove here. BB Ante structures force us to be a little looser UTG (and tighter OTB) because of the impact the ante will have on us next hand. has a push/fold tool that's free to use. I use it to brush up on these spots before I dip my toes into a tourney. I'm not sure if red chip has any similar tools or not.

    66 probably is towards the bottom of the range here (the chart cuts off at 33, electing to fold 22). I'd consider deviating and going tighter if there are several stacks shorter than me that I can potentially ladder above by letting them blind out. Likewise if there has been a lot of action and other bust outs are likely to happen soon (it doesn't sound like it if 90% of shoves are getting through). Otherwise in the short stack charts I trust. I shove and let whatever happens happens.
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    Assuming tables are balanced you can be no more than 8-handed, which helps. As Koss says, you're taking the double hit next hand. Can't see doing anything else but shoving.

    Nash is 20% and includes all pairs.
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  • MnpokerMnpoker Red Chipper Posts: 199 ✭✭
    we were 7 handed the other table was 8 handed
  • MnpokerMnpoker Red Chipper Posts: 199 ✭✭
    We had one common suit so the odds were 53.25 v's 46.30 not where I would want to risk my tournement life but given my stack I'm happy get it in ahead
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    Mnpoker wrote: »
    We had one common suit so the odds were 53.25 v's 46.30 not where I would want to risk my tournement life but given my stack I'm happy get it in ahead

    You were one player away from buying another orbit without a struggle. That plus hand equity makes the spot even better. But as Koss says, at some level just trust the charts.
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    This is a difficult call for me to be honest. And I think I disagree with most of the other comments on some level. I am not a huge fan of shoving preflop unless I have a top 3 premium hand, or I am so short that blinds are going to get me next time round. Especially when just 5 spots off the money. I do not think I would have shoved here, at least not without some caveats. For example, your effective stack was only 33% smaller than the average, you could do a light open for about 300k to either steal blinds or see the flop. You will have options to fold if BB donks a bet at you post flop representing top pair. Also, every short stack in the place is feeling just like you about trying to get good or get out. Truthfully, in your position, you had enough blinds for a few more orbits, I probably would have folded until I either made money or got a premium hand. I mean, that was about 500k prize pool for 10 places. I think it is just smart play to try and wait for the money.
  • MnpokerMnpoker Red Chipper Posts: 199 ✭✭
    Just to note we were well into the money as 72 places were paid

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