XC would be a better line?

brucerjwaynebrucerjwayne Red Chipper Posts: 9 ✭✭
It happened in 5NLz. No information about the vilain.

I think, in the button the vilain, can call me with [22-JJ, A2s-AQs, ATo-AQo, K7s-KQs, Q7s-QJs, J7s-JTs, T7s-T9s, 97s-98s, 87s, KJo, KQo, QJo]

In the flop, I decide to bet cause I have the Range advantage, backdoor straight, and flushdraw. I think he calls or fold with all Aces, Kings, other things like Two Pair, Sets, or Draws he would raise me.
Turn, i decide to go X/F . He X behind.

And here I start to think he could be called the flop with some flushdraws too, and missed. With this in mind, I tried to bet to win some folds of his Aces. But i get nervous and bet to small, in my opinion.

Reviewing this, I think the best option, would be X|C RIver vs a bet of 30% or less. If there's something you think made very wrong, please say it [rs]

PokerStars Zoom, Hold'em No Limit - $0.02/$0.05 - 6 players
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UTG: $11.77 (235 bb)
MP: $5.09 (102 bb)
CO: $6.33 (127 bb)
BU: $5.64 (113 bb)
SB: $2.50 (50 bb)
BB (Hero): $5.00 (100 bb)

Pre-Flop: ($0.07) Hero is BB with :QS::QC:
3 players fold, BTN raises to $0.12, 1 fold, Hero 3-bets to $0.50, BTN calls $0.38

Flop: ($1.02) :AS::7S::KS:(2 players)
Hero bets $0.32, BTN calls $0.32

Turn: ($1.66) :KD:(2 players)
Hero checks, BTN checks

River: ($1.66) :2H:(2 players)
Hero bets $0.52, BTN calls $0.52

Total pot: $2.70 (Rake: $0.11)

BB (Hero) shows Q:spade: Q:club: (two pair, Kings and Queens)
(Equity - Pre-Flop: 67%, Flop: 44%, Turn: 25%, River: 0%)

BU shows :5C::AC: (two pair, Aces and Kings)
(Equity - Pre-Flop: 33%, Flop: 56%, Turn: 75%, River: 100%)

BU wins $2.59


  • TheGameKatTheGameKat Las VegasPosts: 5,045 -
    edited August 6
    I don't think a river bet of that size is much good. If V missed a one-card FD, you have them beat anyway and they'll fold to your bet. If they have an A, they're not folding to a small bet. I'm wondering if a better line here includes a turn overbet?
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