River call or fold?

brucerjwaynebrucerjwayne Red Chipper Posts: 9 ✭✭

Vilain CO info: VPIP 23/PFR 15/3BET 3.2
Vilain BB info in 42 hands: 40/2(it seems a fish, but i think this info can be a little bit tricky cause its a small sampling)

When the BB leads the flop, I start to think he have somethings like:
[44,JJ,66, AhJh, KJ, J4s+, 46] i dont think he gona bet without some value here, but I think he is a FISH, so I call, so I re-evaluate at turn.
At the turn, I made a mistake betting, the check would be better, to control the pot, and have some showdown value if everyone checks at the river.
And here we have the river, where I after bets the turn, I was completely lost, and decides to fold, cause I was thinking in flushes, full houses or better J for the villain.

How it was played, the fold is the least worst opition ?

If the turn was check and the river the same J, the hero call would the better than fold?

PokerStars, Hold'em No Limit - $0.01/$0.02 - 6 players
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UTG: $2.14 (107 bb)
MP: $1.94 (97 bb)
CO: $1.75 (88 bb)
BU (Hero): $2.46 (123 bb)
SB: $2.63 (132 bb)
BB: $2.61 (131 bb)

Pre-Flop: ($0.03) Hero is BTN with :Js: :QS:
2 players fold, CO raises to $0.06, Hero 3-bets to $0.22, 1 fold, BB calls $0.20, CO calls $0.16

Flop: ($0.67) :4H::JD::6H:(3 players)
BB bets $0.33, CO calls $0.33, Hero calls $0.33

Turn: ($1.66) :8C:(3 players)
BB checks, CO checks, Hero bets $0.40, BB calls $0.40, CO calls $0.40

River: ($2.86) :JH:(3 players)
BB bets $1.66 (all-in), CO folds, BU (Hero) folds

Total pot: $2.86 (Rake: $0.10)
BB wins $2.76


  • ulysses27ulysses27 Red Chipper Posts: 209 ✭✭
    So I don't think your turn bet is a mistake. This is a weird pot because it's a 3bet pot with a cold caller. Normally cold caller ranges are pretty specific but with VPIP of 40 this is a player who likes to play a lot of hands. The fact that CO called means he has a capped range but still might be ahead of you with KJ or AJ. This is why this gets tough to navigate. On the turn either size up or check. The small bet size doesn't accomplish anything. You're not going to get a draw to fold and you're not putting small pp in a tough position. On this board and your holding I prefer a check and moving your hand into a bluff catcher. But I don't think betting a little over 1/2 pot would be huge mistake. I think your fold on the river is correct. Players at small stakes don't bluff enough to make calling this shove profitable.
  • brucerjwaynebrucerjwayne Red Chipper Posts: 9 ✭✭

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