Best Way to Learn from Online Hands Coupled with Review Software

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Let me start off by saying I've only been seriously studying/playing poker for about a month. To aid in my improvement, I purchased Poker Snowie about 3 weeks ago and have played about 350 hands on it so far. PokerSnowie is an A.I. program that I use to train in order to improve my game (I'm currently about a below-average player that has only played in free online games on WSOP). PokerSnowie generally advises me to play pretty tight and the AI opponents on there also play pretty tight, rarely bluff, and are somewhat predictable. However, online I generally face mostly pretty loose players that often bluff and are quite unpredictable. My question is how much advice I should be following from PokerSnowie considering it advises me to play tight and I play pretty loose players on WSOP- should I play a bit looser online for the time being? Also, what would be the best way to spend my time to improve? I'm thinking probably 40% spent continuing to study poker strategy courses (I just recently purchased CORE 2.0), 35% playing online on WSOP and the last 25% continuing my training sessions using Poker Snowie. For what it's worth, PokerSnowie says I'm a pretty awful player while online I generally stay even or increase my stack by ~25% in cash games and in higher-level tournaments I land in the money about 1/3 of the time.

FOR MY 2nd Question: I played some poker when I was younger but never actually "learned" No Limit Texas Hold'em Strategy which I've been using this and other sites to teach me (I've gotten through the basics on and only been seriously studying for about a month as I mentioned). My question is, being relatively young (~25) and in the 95th percentile in terms of IQ, along with having up to 2-3 hours to invest in studying/playing/etc. per day, if I really dedicate myself, what are my chances of: (A) becoming a poker professional that can make $75K+ per year? OR (B) being a highly competent player to play poker on the side and make, say, 25K+ per year? Thanks in advance for any responses.


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    Before i give my opinion, I want to be clear I'm not a professional poker player, but i'm running after it, and the opinion here, is about where I see many changes in my poker playing, and of course results in $.
    I think you spend your money on the wrong app, I think you purchase H2N you gonna have more benefits about what you gonna learn on CORE2.0
    I'm now having some progress, always posting hands here on forum, and studying the game theory. Core 2.0 will offer to you a better Hand chart than pokerSnowie, explanations about theory and how to apply it, and there is the point of change. I don't know if wsop save the hand history, but it is very important analyse the hands you are playing, draw some ranges for the villains, understand some stats etc.
    I hope I have contributed something for you. ✌
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    @King3 You may find this thread useful.

    Snowie is a potentially useful tool that needs to be handled with care. It's not something I'd recommend for a relatively inexperienced player as a top-tier study tool.
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    As to your Q2, the reason there are very few professional poker players making $75k/year is that most people with that level of intellect and dedication discover there are far easier, more interesting ways of making $75k/year.
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