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I have been playing poker online for 3-4 years. (But I wouldn't really count it as I was playing like 40 hand sessions once a month and had no idea what I was doing.) I played Magic: the Gathering for 20+ years and I was/am very good at the game. I have played with some of the best players in my region and would play test with them for upcoming events. I contacted a coach for poker back in April of 2020 and stopped playing magic other than a random local event once a month to talk with friends. I have been working with him since then with a small 2 month break as I was on a 22-24 buy-in downswing after 6 months from when we started and I mentally needed a break as I couldn't overcome getting tilted after I lost a 80%+ spot in a session. After the break I got back into it and just laughed off the bad beats as I knew I made the right plays and it was very unlikely I would go on another 20+ buy-in downswing from that point.

I haven't been doing a lot of off the table studying due to only finding the time to play a few hours a week and counting my coaching sessions as studying. We usually just review the few hundred or 1500ish hands I had over the two weeks and then play an hour session with him commenting on my plays after a hand. I have recently wanted to invest more time into poker as my job has become more manageable for me. (I'm in sales and young so I'm still learning to deal with the stress of sales) I am looking to spend an hour or two a week studying and 6-8 hours playing. I have around 50K hands at a 4.31bb/100 net and 7.08bb/100 Adjusted. I am not sure how to go about finding my leaks and studying to fix said leaks. I have a session with my coach tomorrow and I will ask him as well, but I always like to get advice from multiple sources. Is there a list of things I should constantly be focusing on? Or perhaps things you suggest for micro stakes?

I'm playing four tables of 5NL and I am taking shots at 10NL as my bankroll is fluctuating between being able to take shots and grinding back up to take shots over the last month.

Let me know if there is additional information I can provide to better answer my question.

Thank you in advance! :)


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    We are on Red Chips, so I guess I can recommend CORE. It's broken down into roughly 30 minute chunks. I've been going through it at about a lesson per day, which works out to a bit over 2 hours per week of study. It takes a few months to get through at that pace. It's mostly videos if that's your preferred method.

    Other options are books. I haven't read a poker book in quite a while. But if you haven't read the Theory of Poker yet, I'd go for that. It's not going to cover any NLHE strategy, but will give you the tools to think like a poker player.

    The final option is just learning through other hand reviews and discussions on these forums, the discord, or other poker discussion sites around the web.

    My vote in order of preference would be first to read the Theory of Poker if you haven't yet, then go through CORE to get your NLHE fundamentals down. From there it's up to you.
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    My main recommendation would be to move an hour or two from the playing bucket to the study bucket. I understand that when working with a coach it's tempting to regard the study portion as being well covered, but IMO the info you're getting from that coach actually generates more study-time requirements since you need to digest and analyze the ideas that are coming up in coaching sessions.
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