3-Bet decision question

GoogopqpGoogopqp Red Chipper Posts: 6 ✭✭
Hello, I've been learning a lot from Core and I feel my pre-flop decisions have been improving, but I still seem to run into some tough spots from time to time and this was one of them that I had a question about.

This is a sit and go double up turbo Online. I'm chip leader with 99 in the BB with 2065, there's 6 players in the game. Blinds 25/50 no antes. One player (BTTN-829chips) in this hand is fairly aggressive, but plays pretty straight forward and is easy to read post flop. Usually is a calling station with middle pairs, but bets big with monsters every time, but I didn't necessarily have all that info at this point. The other player (HJ-1586chips) hasn't raised much to this point but RFI this hand.

HJ RFI to 2x, CO folds, BTTN 3-bets to 375 (The only other hand I have info at this point this player 4x raised with JJ, their standard raise was usually 3X), SB folds to me and I have 99. Given the stack sizes and with a player behind me to act (who hasn't raised preflop to this point) I'm not sure if calling here was a good play. If anything it feels like a 4-bet or fold to maybe get rid of the HJ since BTTN is virtually pot committed, but I feel it's either I'm crushed or a race here too often, so I lean more to the fold in this spot but I'm not sure if that's the right play. I did end up calling, flop comes 10 7 6 rainbow, I check and BTTN shoves. I call since they only have enough for a 1/2 pot bet and they flip over KK. I don't catch so I lose the pot.

I'm aware I may have messed up this whole hand, but I wanted to bring it up as this could be a helpful learning opportunity for me. Thank you so much!


  • KossKoss Red Chipper Posts: 114 ✭✭✭
    Facing cold 3-bets is tricky and not something well covered. We can't 4-bet as wide since we are now up against 2 tough ranges instead of just 1. I often play pretty tight against cold 3-bets, preferring to stick to the standard QQ+/AK range which will come in with a 4-bet. I'm never flatting the cold 3-bet, especially out of position like that. In this case lots of flops will have overcards and/or you end up playing the guessing game as to whether you are up against a bigger pair.

    While it depends on the positions of the players, I'm always playing 4-bet or fold in this spots. UTG open vs. HJ 3-bet I'm probably 4-betting QQ+/AK and then like A5s as the bluff combo. If I'm in the BB and it's BTN open vs SB 3-bet and I know both players are at their widest in this spot, I'll drop down to like TT+/AQ+/KQs/A3s-A5s for my cold 4-bet range.

    I'm not an expert on SNG strategy but I think we'd want to be even tighter in these spots due to ICM considerations, so 99 is a fold by pretty much every metric.
  • TheGameKatTheGameKat Las VegasPosts: 5,056 -
    I'm assuming this a 6-max double up playing top 3? Correct strategy is insanely tight. Simple fold pre.
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  • elvidaelvida Red Chipper Posts: 12 ✭✭
    3-betting half of your stack is large no matter how many big blinds there are. It speaks to being really strong and wanting to bring people into the pot. Further, would you call if HJ jams? Fold and save the ~6 BBs for another spot.

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