3bet and 4bet

JuiceLJuiceL Red Chipper Posts: 4 ✭✭
Vihu1 (BB) $2.03 - VP:22 PFR:17 AF:2.0 W:46|55 STL:59|86 3B:5|33 CB:67|60 N:1.22 Hands:138
Vihu2 (UTG) $2.04 - VP:11 PFR:6 AF:Inf. W:0| STL:100|67 3B:0| CB: N:0.04 Hands:18
Vihu3 (MP) $2.46 - VP:18 PFR:11 AF:2.5 W:50|40 STL:43|73 3B:0| CB:50|50 N:0.06 Hands:83
Vihu4 (CO) $3.97 - VP:18 PFR:15 AF:1.0 W:41|86 STL:39|85 3B:2|71 CB:50|60 N:1.73 Hands:141
Vihu5 (BTN) $2.70 - VP:34 PFR:20 AF:3.4 W:32|63 STL:46|60 3B:5|25 CB:70|67 N:1.06 Hands:187
Hero (SB) $2.01 - VP:21 PFR:15 AF:2.0 W:28|59 STL:42|81 3B:4|51 CB:55|57 N:23.10

Pre Flop: Me(SB) with [Jd,Jc]
Vihu2(UTG) folds, Vihu3(MP) raises 0.05, Vihu4(CO) folds, Vihu5(BTN) folds, Hero(SB) raises 0.16, Vihu1(BB) raises 0.36, Vihu3(MP) folds, Hero(SB) calls 0.21

Call or AI vs BB when MP fold.
OK 3bet 5% QQ+, AK and something else.

Flop: (Th,2d,7d) (2 players)
Hero(SB) checks, Vihu1(BB) bets 0.54, Hero(SB) calls 0.54

Turn: 7c (2 players)
Hero(SB) checks, Vihu1(BB) bets 1.11, Hero(SB) calls 1.09

River: 5h (2 players)

Returns 0.02 to Vihu1 (BB)
Hero(SB) shows [Jd,Jc]
Vihu1 (BB) shows [Qd,Qs]
Vihu1 (BB) wins 3.93


  • TheGameKatTheGameKat Las VegasPosts: 5,056 -
    What is the typical 4-bet range in this game? I don't much like calling a 4-bet out of position, but the SPR is getting low enough the positional disadvantage is reduced, I guess.
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  • KossKoss Red Chipper Posts: 114 ✭✭✭
    I'd fold preflop and not lose much sleep over it. Cold 4-bets tend to be very strong. Also, you never beat any hand that takes this line for value. So unless he is punting off with AK or some other 4-bet bluff hand, you are always losing on this board.

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