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This is more of a general mindset question and I'm sure it may have been addressed somewhere before. I just got done playing in a live $240 bounty tournament. Each player you knockout you get $100. I'm more of a MTT player and went in feeling studied and prepared but once I sat down and started playing I tried focusing on the cards in front of me but got very confused as every other hand was a 5-6 player limp hands even on raises and 3-bet pots. The whole game was treated like a cash game and I adjusted to limping more and trying to catch flops but ultimately just played poorly, as limping too much is not my preferred pre-flop strategy going in, and felt like I wasn't making strong or smart decisions or playing like I usually do.

My main question is when I'm live in a game like that and I see myself playing poorly and not adjusting properly in a game how should I try to react? Or when you see you're not focused on the game like you should be and you are just watching yourself burn money in spots, what's a good practice going in to sessions or off the table to help yourself avoid that? I do understand that I have been playing A LOT of poker lately and I should probably be taking breaks, but overall my playing has been profitable and I feel good with my decisions but today just felt sloppy and like I was playing horribly.

Also, does anybody know any good poker software to study spots on a Mac?

Thank You so much, I hope this question makes sense!


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    The thing with limpy games where lots of pots go multiway, is they are subject to a lot of swings. When things don't go your way, it's going to feel like you are bleeding chips. I think sometimes our brains are conditioned to counts wins & losses. You are going to lose a lot more pots than you win when you see lots of multiway flops. The goal is just to win more chips than you lose. We do this by playing solid ranges preflop and making good decision postflop. But even doing that, if pots are consistently 4+ ways to the flop, there are going to be sessions where we just lose. A lot. MTT's just compound this issue with swings of their own.

    Avoid the temptation to get sucked into the "bingo poker" game. Don't go chasing with garbage hands. Although at the end of the day we're going to have to hit some flops. Some days it feels like the deck is stacked against us. You'll be sitting on a 30BB stack, raise to 7BB with AK, get 3 calls, and the flop comes 789. Then it happens multiple times in a session. Or over multiple MTTs. Not much you can do other than focus on making good decisions.

    One thing that's funny about poker is that it breaks the human brain. We are conditioned to see patters in things. So if someone loses in 8 MTT's in a row, it looks like they suck. But world class players will easily go through much worse swings. How exactly to condition your brain to thrive in that environment is different for everyone. In some ways it's why I prefer cash games. The EV is usually pretty easy to see. There are fewer variables to consider when looking at your winrate. The only real thing that has worked for me is just massive volume. The swings even out. And I know that's hard live. Sorry I don't have better advice, other than just stick with it, trust your game, don't be afraid to lose some big pots, and don't get sucked into playing like the fish.
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    @Googopqp PokerCruncher for Mac.

    As to your question, live MTTs are like that and bounties tend to increase people's desire to see flops. Solution is simple. Develop a sound strategy and stick to it. In the early levels in a MTT you can simply play extremely tight. Staying out of hands is a great way to avoid screwing them up.
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    Thank you to both of you! This information was very helpful and I got myself into a large and again limp heavy MTT tournament today and ran deep. I considered all of this and it helped me manage myself in the swings today!
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