Took a different line in a hand in a $250 buyin

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about midway through a $250 daily smaller field do to WSOP and had about 120 buyins (normal is about 200). level is 1200-1200-600, Hero has V covered. Hero has about 55BB V has about 30BB. Hero is MP and V is LJ. In MP hero is moderately tight and fairly aggressive, V is loose and pretty aggressive. On to the hand. UTG calls folds to hero who raises to 2800 with 44, folds to LJ who calls as do button and BB, UTG folds. Flop comes A Q 4 (Q,4 are diamonds) checks to hero who bets 5800 and only LJ calls. Turn is bingo a 4 Hero bets 5800 again (trying to keep LJ in) LJ calls. On the river Hero has to bet as hero has the nuts, wanting to get in as many chips as hero can hero bet 1200 hoping for a raise, V bites and shoves hero snap calls and never sees V's hand but best guess is A-X for him having 2 pairs. Do you like the river play or do you shove hoping for a call? Or a third line


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    Think it's one of those read-based things. Since you got stacks in it's likely you'd sussed out your opponents playing tendencies and maximally exploited them. A more conventional line would simply be to size turn large enough that you can jam sub-pot on the end, but in live tournaments I'm pretty big on figuring out how my opponents think and using that to create lines.
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    I'm personally not a fan of betting small hoping to induce a raise play as I don't think the bait is taken nearly often enough to make it preferable to just betting big myself, but that doesn't mean there aren't players who we can't use it against as the best line. It's having the certainty we are against one of those players that is the hard part.

    I would have sized up the turn at least a little bit here. This might be your last street to get value on if he has a flush draw, You don't want to bet huge but I'd go at least 8k or so. It's hard to imagine his calling range is going to be very elastic between those sizes.

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