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As part of our ongoing efforts to show to potential PRO subscribers what lurks behind the paywall, I've created below a list of all group coaching sessions. We ran these throughout 2019 and 2020, partly because they allowed us a faster response time to subscriber interests than our previous monthly video releases.

In 2021 we again switched emphasis to long-form PRO courses. A list of which will be up shortly.

The group coaching sessions were typically 60-90 minutes long, with PRO members interacting with the coach-presenter from a chat window. The videos listed below therefore constitute some in-depth looks at topics that are still very much on the cutting edge of poker theory.

For those of you who are already subscribed to PRO, I've included live links to all the videos.


Coach w34z3l. Busting Poker Myths.

Coach w34z3l hosts our first-ever group coaching session and delves into ten common pieces of poker folklore and whether each is true, false, or somewhere in between. Concepts include bet sizing, GTO vs. exploitative play, slow-playing, and more.

SplitSuit. From Range To Exploit.

SplitSuit bridges the gap between hand reading and line creation in this exploitative-focused session. Learn about balance, why exploitative approaches are best, and crafting plays that maximally exploit your opponents.

Dr. Tricia Cardner. Creating An Unbeatable Mindset.

Dr. Cardner lays out the formula for creating a bulletproof mindset. Get the foundation of a strong mental game along with applicable strategies to ensure you are progressing, confident, anti-fragile, and gritty both on and away from the table.

Ben Hayles. Progressive Bounty/KO (PKO) MTTs.

Ben Hayles takes you through the increasingly-popular tournament format: progressive bounty/KO. Learn how to calculate bounty values as they change throughout the tournament and work through several hand examples too.

Greg Vail. Exploiting Regs In Big O.

Greg Vail breaks down the different kinds of regs that grind Big O games and gives you a clear game-plan for exploiting them. Find out where they leak, how you can take advantage of them, and see how large your edge can really get in Big O.

Mike Gano. Playing From The Blinds.

Mike Gano gets into the gritty details of playing from the blinds. Learn the key factors that influence your blind ranges, where and when aggression works best, and how the concept of ‘R’ can help. Plenty of examples illustrate the theory.

Coach w34z3l. C-Betting Out Of Position.

C-Betting out of position (OOP) presents complex problems, and w34z3l is here to simplify everything. Get a coherent and actionable strategy for making flop decisions when OOP that is based on player pool and GTO+ solver output.

Alex Fitzgerald. C-Betting In Position.

Alex Fitzgerald looks at the exploitative side of c-betting in position. See where your opponents are going wrong, where they tend to fold too often, and how you can easily take advantage whether you hold tricky pairs or pure air.

Fausto Valdez. Deconstructing LAGs.

Fausto Valdez fully breaks down the LAG player type. See how their play style creates heaps of opportunities for you to fight back and create profit. Stop waiting around for monsters, and start exploiting their aggressive mishaps.

Doug Hull. Stone Cold Reads I.

Doug Hull explores how to craft the best line given the information and reads you have on your opponent. If villain has a certain frequency or a specific range, how should you react? Watch this and start putting together a +EV plan.

Doug Hull. Stone Cold Reads II.

Doug Hull is back again to show how to craft lines when you have rock solid reads on your opponent. Hands include punishing nits with short stacks and handling preflop 3-bets against common frequencies and constructions.

Chris "Fox" Wallace. Exploring Omaha.

Chris “Fox” Wallace’s Pot-Limit Omaha seminar will help you understand the primary differences between PLO and hold ’em, how to find soft games, and how to exploit them for maximum profits.

Doug Hull. Hand Reading Q&A.

Doug Hull does a live coach-along with his student Kent, focusing in detail on developing hand-reading skills. Several members get answers to their own hand-reading questions.

Doug Hull. Home Game.

Doug Hull hosts a “home game” with PRO members and offers running commentary on his own play as well as that of our members. Watch Doug review hands in real time.

Hull & Glover. Plugging Leaks I.

Coaches Ross Glover and Doug Hull use a variety of digital tools to illustrate why your leaks leave money on the table and what adjustments to make to capture those chips in future sessions.

Hull & Glover. Plugging Leaks II.

Coaches Ross Glover and Doug Hull conclude their “plugging leaks” webinar series. They use a variety of innovative analytical tools and techniques to show you where you’re spewing chips.

Chris "Fox" Wallace. The Minefield.

WSOP bracelet winner Chris “Fox” Wallace summarizes some of his proven strategies for shipping big-field tournaments. Get an MTT edge from a proven winner.

Hull & Glover. GTO+ Deep Dive.

Coaches Doug Hull and Ross Glover take a thorough look at the GTO+ software to uncover game theory optimal insights, and translate data into actionable strategies.

BFSkinner. Short-Handed Strategy.

Doug Hull’s student-turned-coach ‘BFSkinner’ preps you for the short-handed games that are prevalent at the moment. Learn the adjustments you need to be making when playing 6-handed or less.

Kenaces. Simplifying Poker With GTO+.

On this journey to Solverland and back, ‘kenaces’ simplifies GTO strategy for human use. Dive deep into GTO+ software and take a look at range betting BTN vs. BB with the help of our solver.

Coach w34z3l. GTO Deviations.

Coach w34z3l presents a range of concepts and specific examples to illustrate the role of GTO in a winning modern strategy. Explore GTO vs. exploitative play and when to deviate from the solver’s output to maximize profits in your game.

Coach w34z3l. Flop Raising.

Coach w34z3l presents a range of concepts and specific examples to illustrate the role of GTO in a winning modern strategy. Explore GTO vs. exploitative play and when to deviate from the solver’s output to maximize profits in your game.

Coach w34z3l. Bet Sizing.

Coach w34z3l gives you concrete objectives to keep in mind when choosing a bet size, along with key concepts from GTO that influence sizing decisions. He uses sizing/chunking to vastly simplify our choices and explores equity distributions to build our intuition.

Doug Hull. How Solvers Work.

Doug Hull takes a look under the hood of a variety of popular programs, from Flop Falcon and Equilab to Nash solvers. He explores the general principles behind simulations and looks at how software reaches useful results in finite time using optimization.
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