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At the beginning of 2021, Red Chip moved on from group coaching sessions to focus more on structured, in-depth courses.

There were a couple of reasons for this. First, we wanted to improve the AV quality and production value of our videos. This is difficult to do with live recordings. Second, many former CORE subscribers told us that the jump to PRO was a difficult one. We were told it was hard to locate the material subscribers wanted, and the lack of structure was simply a big conceptual change from the modular approach of CORE.

Below, you'll find a listing and description of our most popular and recent PRO courses and playlists. As of this post, this general philosophy is one we intend to continue to implement, at least until you ask us to change direction.

As always, we appreciate all and any feedback about out material.


The GTO+ Course. Coach w34zel.

Released in Fall 2021, this is a course on the GTO+ software in particular and GTO no-limit hold'em in general. It can be purchased as a stand-alone for $99 which includes the a GTO+ license, or enjoyed as part of a regular $50/month subscription to PRO.

The course is suitable for the GTO-curious who have never owned a solver before, or as a valuable guide for those who have already got their feet wet with GTO+.

From the course intro:

In the following videos, w34z3l provides both a nuts-and-bolts overview of how to use this powerful software, along with practical tips to get the most out of your study time when using it. The massive extent of the types of analyses you can undertake is delineated, along with guidelines for avoiding ineffective journeys down overly-deep rabbit holes. Here’s coach w34z3l describing the philosophy and scope of the subsequent videos.

The course consists of eleven videos that cover every aspect of the software, and illustrate how you can use it to obtain meaningful and actionable results. The emphasis is very much on application; that is, how you can use the GTO+ software to develop strategies for the games you play in.

Coach w34z3l teaches you how to use the software, but then suggests multiple avenues you might explore to develop your NLHE game as far as you choose to go.

GTO 6-max ranges. Chris Warren.

It does what it says on the can. Chris Warren led Red Chip's preflop GTO research through an exploration using the powerful Monker software. One of the results of that research was this course.

Based on Monker solutions and simplifications from 6-max experience, the course provides full 6-max ranges for open-raising, 3-betting, and how to respond when we are 4-bet.

Also included is a discussion of standard bet sizes as we move down the game tree. If you play 6-max online, or want a baseline for full-ring play, this course will provide what you need to succeed.

Bet Sizing. Coach w34z3l.

We were thrilled by the positive reactions we received for this tour de force from coach w34z3l. If there's an aspect of sizing your bets that you cannot find in this course, please let us know. Shock is good for the circulation, and winter is closing in.

From the course intro:

Many coaches regard bet sizing as the most difficult topic in the theory of NLHE. It’s also the one where many players could most improve their results through careful study and off-table exploration.

This course presents fundamental principles of why we bet big or small in a given spot, what “standard” bet sizes are and when we deviate from them, and employs state-of-the-art GTO solver analysis to refine our bet sizing. You’ll rapidly develop solid fundamentals to make good bet-sizing decisions, as well as a road map for carrying out your own advanced analysis of this fascinating and important subject.

The course explores various bet sizing topics over fifteen videos, with brief supporting text for each.

Analytic Exploitation. Coach w34z3l et al.

In creating the Analytic Exploitation course, we took some of our existing videos and asked coach w34z3l to produce a comprehensive and complete course by adding new material.

The resulting course is broken down into three sub-courses.

The first is a single video for players who are new to the use of HUDs and tracking programs like PT4/HM3. SplitSuit explains the nuts and bolts, as well as describing the critical relationship between all those funny acronyms (VPIP/PFR) and actual hand ranges.

This is followed by five videos from w34z3l on the often ignored topics of self-analysis and leakfinding. The videos explain how you can look for leaks in your own game, and this fix them, through diligent use of tracking software.

The remainder of the course is devoted to population analysis and exploitation. By using tracking software to understand how the population as a whole plays in common situations, we can develop the perfect counter-strategies to maximally exploit them.

In addition to these long-form courses and curated playlists, the PRO library includes other crash courses and playlists presented without supporting text.

And there is more to come.
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