Playing Busted draws

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How does one usually play a busted draw at 5c/10c or 10c/25c level?

Say you call correctly on each street with an open ended straight draw or flush draw but the river you get nada. What is the EV off either betting half pot,pot or overbetting the pot to induce a fold?

I understand it is player dependent based on Villians range,stack sizes and board textures. But could i get some insight into how to correctly play these type of hands as i feel that when i do hit my draws i'm not making up for the times when i don't hit/bluff.

Thanks in advance for the insight


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    Thehitpack wrote: »
    How does one usually play a busted draw at 5c/10c or 10c/25c level?

    You might want to consider posting some specific hands to illustrate what you're struggling with. Your question is a bit general, but generally speaking, I'm usually hoping to take the pot away from villain before the river is ever dealt. Actually hitting your draw should be "plan d" to win the pot after "plan a" (win the pot preflop), "plan b" (win the pot on the flop) and "plan c" (win the pot on the turn) have all failed. If you miss your draw, you can consider "plan e" which would be to bluff the river, but you would have to estimate what your opponent has and how likely they would be to call.
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    Since you said you called flop and turn correctly I’m guessing you are in position after flatting pre, then villain checks river after firing flop and turn? I think generally I would avoid bluffing with missed flush draws, because they are so obvious. In my experience people will call super light on missed FD boards. I will also often check the river in villain‘s shoes (with a strong hand) to squeeze more value out of the opponent‘s flush draws when they bluff. However if the river is scary, like 4 to a straight, I‘d probably just go for it anyway. Also straight draws are usually more disguised so you can bluff those a bit more. That‘s my understanding anyway.
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    Another issue is whether calls with draws are correct when we have the option to raise. Plus this question does need additional context. You may technically have "a draw", but the preceding action, your range, the board texture... will determine the best line with it.
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