AKs Flop

JuiceLJuiceL Red Chipper Posts: 5 ✭✭
Hero (SB) $1.82 - VP:21 PFR:15 AF:2.2 W:28|60 STL:43|81 3B:4|51 CB:55|59 N:33.07
Villain 4 (BB) $2 - VP:22 PFR:15 AF:0.3 W:20|100 STL:75|67 3B:0|100 CB:50|100 N:0.55 Hands:27
Villain 3 (MP) $2.05 - VP:40 PFR:0 AF:Inf. W:0| STL:|100 3B:0|0 CB:|0 N:0.05 Hands:5
Villain 2 (CO) $1.50 - VP:10 PFR:10 AF:Inf. W:0| STL:50|100 3B:0|0 CB:100| N:-0.44 Hands:21
Villain 1 (UTG) $1.60 - VP:49 PFR:0 AF:1.1 W:31|47 STL:0|67 3B:0|100 CB:|73 N:-0.35 Hands:97
Villain (BTN) $4.53 - VP:29 PFR:5 AF:5.0 W:80|100 STL:25|100 3B:0|0 CB:|0 N:3.68 Hands:21

Pre Flop: Me(SB) with [Kh,Ah]
Villain 3(MP) folds, Villain 2 (CO) folds, Villain 1 (UTG) checks, Villain (BTN) calls 0.02, Hero (SB) raises 0.07, Villain 4 (BB) folds, Villain 1 (UTG) folds, Villain (BTN) calls 0.06

Flop: (6h,2d,7h) (2 players)
Hero (SB) bets 0.10, Villain (BTN) raises 4.45, Hero (SB) calls 1.64

River: Qd (2 players)

Returns 2.71 to RGeilWurst(BTN)
Hero (SB) shows [Kh,Ah]
Villain (BTN) shows [4s,4h]
Villain (BTN) wins 3.55

Call too loose AI flop or continue with only 2P +


  • TheGameKatTheGameKat Las VegasPosts: 5,440 -
    Given that for some reason you're playing sub-stacked and that the NFD and 2 overs makes you favorite against a pair and in decent shape against better, call flop. Also raise bigger pre, your OOP and there's a limper.
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