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I recently finished a trip playing live 1/2. This is my third trip overall. My first trip I played 23 hours and lost $30/hour. My second trip I played 153 hours and ended at + $38/ hour. My latest trip I played 337 hours and ended at + $27/hour. I'm mainly asking about my last trip as there were 3 distinct phases in those results. The first phase: ~80 hours were consistent with 2nd trip at around +$38/hour. The second phase: ~190 hours at +.50c/hour. The third phase: ~70 hours at + $85/hour. I know that this a long term thinking process. My main question is do I just look at overall numbers or should I be concerned about phase 2 of this latest trip? Do you guys focus on overall results or break it down in order to figure out where your weaknesses are? Just trying to figure out how to interpret my results the best way and know how to focus on improving. My quick poker history before these trips is 15 years running/playing fun local $5 tournaments. Occasional cash game with friends with a couple casino trips, so very little cash experience. I am now halfway through CORE and halfway through Preflop Workbook. So a big thank you to redchippoker. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.


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    If you splice your most recent trip into three subsets, I'd suggest the three datapoints tell you very little. Long-term results give us an indication of our skill level relative to the pool, but the way to improve is identify hands in which you felt lost and post them for discussion. Or do post-session work checking that, for example, all-in calls were made with adequate equity.
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    Always look at long term trend.
    Use individual sessions to analyze how you played.
    What were my tough spots?
    Did i get the money in good and lose due to variance?
    Were there any hands I could have gone for more value?
    Did I make any -Ev plays and just gotlucky?
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    Thanks for the replies. I have to learn how to take notes. I seem to have a poor memory for recent event details. I forget board cards, chip counts, etc... pretty quickly.
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    Yes as soon as you have a hand that is interesting to you, stand up and text yourself, or put it in your phone. Best way to do it so everything is fresh. And generally after the hand when you are typing it out you can sometimes see where you made a mistake.
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    I will try that. Will play live again in a month or so. I do play some app poker so I'll try and post some of those. Thanks again

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