Abondoned Check-Raise Bluff on the Turn, Half-Measures?

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The pre-text is two-part. 1) Playing my ABC game I would fold pre-flop, but understand I need to learn how to defend wider from the BB, particularly against the Button. 2) Also trying to abandon fit or fold and play deeper into hands, with a percentage of hands each street and looking for potential bluffs in the lower part of those ranges. You know, the Poker's 1% thing.

After abandoning a failed check-raise bluff on the turn, when I reviewed the hand later, it looks like this was a good place to follow through with the bluff on the river. I have 98 maybe 87 66,77, 44 for starters at least. Easy to say now given what he shows up with, but seems to me I only took "half-measures."

Global Poker 10NL 6Max
BB Abandoned Check Raise Bluff on Turn with As9s

Pre (6 players)
V (14.85) BU open .3
H (20.29) BB calls :As :9s
Pot .65

:6h :7s :4c
H (19.99) check
V (14.65) bet .30
H call
Pot 1.25

:6h :7s :4c :Th
H (19.69) check
V (14.65) bet .60
H (19.69) raise to 1.80
V (13.35) call
Pot 4.85

:6h :7s :4c :Th :9d
H (19.69) check
H (17.89) check
V (13.35) check
Pot 4.85

V :Ah :Ts (TT)
H :As :9s (99)


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    Interesting hand. I think another way of playing it is to check-raise the flop. BTN vs BB means both ranges are wide, but if anyone has range advantage it's you, and with the 3-straight/3-flush double backdoors, there are a lot of turn cards you can barrel.

    As played, a river follow through does make sense.
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  • ted bted b Red Chipper Posts: 10 ✭✭

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