Did I play way too scared w/ AA at 2/2?

epokerepoker Red Chipper Posts: 26 ✭✭
Some background

2/2 live game
8 handed, mostly OMC's, villain seems to be pushing the table around with any 2.
Hero, 150 bbs deep. Has topped up 50bbs once in the session. Mindset is a little frustrated but not too bad (had to bet fold a few times with good hands, but shown that it was the right decision in all cases)
Villain (has 300bbs) pushing table around. Calling all 3bs then x/f or if goes x/x on the flop overbets turn and takes it down. Not a maniac, but on the LAG side. Called very light pre and post.

I've 3b the villain a few times and 2/3 cbet taken down the pot.

Hero on button, villain in CO.

4 limps to to villain. Villain 6x's (standard). Hero w/ AdAc 3b to 20x. Not a lot of 3b'g going on so I went big for what the table normally 3b knowing villain would call. Fold to villain who hesitates then calls. At this point I have him on unsuited gappers 68 and up.

Pot 40bb flop 9s 7c 6s

Villain x's. My SPR is 3.25. I think this flop is right in his range. I didn't want to face a x/r cuz i wasn't sure if I should be getting it in w/ 3.25 on that type of board. So I x behind looking for a safe turn.

Turn Tc
Villain bets 23bb. I hate this card again right in a r/c preflop range. I have about 130bbs left. I just call (terrible?)

River (pot 106bb) (Hero has 107 bb left) 2s
Villan bets 40bb. I call. Shown QTs for the flush.

My thinking in game on the flop was to x the bet big on safe turn. Turn was a (in my opinion) a terrible card so I stayed passive. Villain was capable of betting TP or Over pair on river so I felt this was a pretty standard call. Was I way off and if so where and what was a better line?



  • TheGameKatTheGameKat Las VegasPosts: 5,479 -
    It is a pretty horrible flop for you, so I understand the check back. Maybe against an aggro opponent it's okay to drop straight into bluff-catching mode? That said, at this SPR it feels like against their range and with position a bet may be better. Against their exact hand you're probably going to face a big check-raise, but in general we have a hand that can extract some value, and I'd rather do that before the board gets any messier usually.
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  • RedRed Red Chipper Posts: 2,530 ✭✭✭✭✭
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    If he calls 3bet super duper loose down to 86s, then you should 3bet him all the time.

    Turn is never a fold, especially if V is a known aggro player who could bet ATC. Ugly, but mandatory, especially with a hand high in your distribution

    River is probably a fold more often. You're now beaten by so many hands (sets, 2P, straights, flushes).
    Only with A♠️ I could consider a call - or even a raise with nut flush blocker if V could be folding.
  • Jimmy3150Jimmy3150 Red Chipper Posts: 376 ✭✭
    You played the hand good IMO up until the river, it’s a pretty trivial fold on the river, he’s almost never bluffing with this bet sizing and it’s way too thin to be betting JJ-KK (if he ever has those …)

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